Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Alive

Hi Blogging friends.

Guess I've let time get away from me. Not only have I not posted pics from the stomp--which was fun, btw, I haven't even posted. Missed you all, think of you, just not getting to this dashboard! Guess I'm not just a Slow Poke Quilter, but a Slow Poke Blogger as well.
And, we are going to Grandparent's Day at story hour tomorrow, 2 hours away, and this weekend, plan to leave for Ct.--finally!!!! To see our oldest, and Fall, my absolute favorite--it's been 41 years, and cool off. Lord knows, it's ain't coolin' off in Fla.
If I can get to it, I'll share some pics before we leave, if not, I'll add the Ct. trip to the mix.
In the meantime, everyone have wonderful studio time, safety, and fun.
To leave you with a smile, my DH sings " In my Studio" everytime I walk in there. If you watched AGT this summer, you'll know what I mean.