Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Checking In

Hi My Blogging Friends,
Checking in here to see how all of you are, and share what's been happening in our part of the world.
Since my last post, the new quilting classes have begun. It's been over 2 years since I've taught these specific classes, and I wondered how rusty I'd be, but it was like getting back on a bike. I hope my students feel as comfortable as I do, they seem to. There are 8 gals in the class, only one seems to have sewn much. The rest are real novices, but all are eager to learn this artform we love so much.
I have finished, yes, Finished several smaller quilting projects. You know those pre-printed Christmas panels that are so adorable and speak to you, make you feel all warm inside? Well, I have more than my share of those puppies, and I have made it a goal to make 'em or pitch 'em. It feels sooo good to watch that pile of stuff I bought quite long ago get smaller. There's alot to be said about finishing what you start!!
Imagine that!!
We are planning our trip to Ct to visit our oldest there. We'll be gone for a couple of weeks, stopping in Atlanta first to visit our sisters. My DH has 2 there and I have one. It's really out of the way, but family is family. If any of you have suggestions for quilt/needlework stores between South Florida and Ct, via Atlanta--that surely covers a large area---I'd appreciate you sharing them with me!
In the meantime, I've picked up cow fabric! and a pattern for a vest and chaps, size 2 for our GD and her little friend. They will be Jesse and Woody from Toy Story 3 for Halloween. Talk about a fun effort!! Nothing is more fun than sewing for her!
Be safe, everyone, and enjoy your changing weather. We are still quite warm, but hopeful!!