Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a Monday

Wish I was a better blogger, but I just get running around, and you know how it is, don't you??? Tell me I'm not the only one.
Lately I've been working on a kit I bought a few years back, Coffee Time by Diane Knott. Are you familiar with it? This is part of my use-it-up plan. It's gone together quickly, and for once, there was enough fabric in the kit to cover mistakes. I cut alot of one fabric incorrectly, and there was still enough to use as directed.
I also made a twirly skirt for our GD. It's made with 2 FQ's or 2 1/4 yd cuts. Easy, fast and adorable. It's already gone to her so no pics, but I'll try to post one of the next one I make.
And....alas, I'm in trouble. We had a get together with our daughter's in laws, and she and her hubby think I monopolized the baby. Geesh..............I can never win! This child knows me best, doesn't like men much, so she runs to and reaches out to me alot, especially when strangers are around and she doesn't see her parents. What am I supposed to say,,No, baby, you used up your allotment of Nonna time?? What are we GP's supposed to do?
If Monday starts out like this, I know it's only going to get better! I'll let God fight this one for me,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Treasure at Lowes

We had an unusual experience at Lowe's today. I was in the garden spot looking for something to plant that will make it through our summers--ain't much, and the garden lady asked me if i was planting a butterfly garden. I wasn't but do have milkweed already. If you aren't aware, monarch butterfly caterpillars devour them, make their cocoons and of course bemoe the beautiful large monarch. Back to the story... the milkweed they had were covered with caterpillars, and the milkweeds were decimated. The lady was concerned the caterpillars would die from running out of food, and the manager refused to buy more milkweed till these were sold. Despite their condition, they weren't marked down. What is this guy thinking? So, we got a box, and picked off about 50 or so caterpillars, and brought them home to eat my milkweed!
Our green good deed for the day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun Weekend

It was my birthday this week, and we had a fun time with our daughter and her new beau. I think that's who he is. You know how it goes.
We started celebrating Saturday with several of our friends. That day wasn't about me at all, but their son's birthday and graduation. Since several of our friends have June birthdays, we celebrate anyway!
Then on Sunday, my family made cavatelli, my forever favorite dinner. Dessert was Costco cupcakes. We like them very much as a birthday cake substitute. Oh, so yummy, and easier to store the leftovers. You also get chocolate and vanilla for those with preferences. Me, I munch on both!
Next weekend, I think we're going to get to visit with our grandbaby.
How was your weekend?