Saturday, August 6, 2011

Where Has the Time Gone??

For someone who promised to be more active in blog land, I've certainly failed!! With a big fat F!

I offer a sincere Mea Culpa!

In the meantime, I've spent considerable effort learning to paint. I really want to paint well, and I just don't have a natural talent for it. Every other hand craft I've tried, I get it eventually, but painting...I have to work at. I love a challenge, and this is one.

I've finished socks for our daughters for Christmas. I'm finding knitting socks to me so much fun!!

This past week, I seriously cleaned out the sewing studio. That means books, magazines and fabrics will be leaving my stash. I will never use it all, nor do I want some of it anyway, so out it goes.

I felt particulary overwhelmed when I pulled out projects, as opposed to fabrics which I bought for God knows what reason. I lined up all those projects on the floor, and had to order them in some way so I could cope with it all. Walked out of the room a few times to " think" about it. I'm pleased to say that I have them ready to work on, finish and use. I will be the master of my stash!!!

It will get a bit harder if the fabrics I've purchased don't start inspiring me.

I finally got out the door early on a Tues. morning to get to the newest guild in our area. I was so glad I made the effort, as it is a great group. None of that business part of the meeting, I do not enjoy that, and the meeting was totally about quilting.

Another upside of that day was the newest shop owner found out I had taught beginning quilting classes at a now closed local store, and she asked me to teach for her. She has added my classes to her schedule starting Sept.

Wish me luck!

In June, I had a huge birthday, Huge because the number is!! My DH surprised me with our daughter who now live in Ct. coming for a week, and all the kids were here and my one sister. They cooked, I ate and celebrated loving them a ton. I'm sure all of you agree, absolutely nothing compares to being with family.

Now I need to take the time to check in on all of you. I've been thinking about you, wondering how you are. Drop me a line and say Hi. Miss you