Friday, January 28, 2011

Satisfied Almost Saturday

How has your week in your studio been? There are a couple of you gals whom I've not heard from in a while. I surely hope you are well. Drop a line, let us know you're OK.

I told Cynthia of Home Matters First, that we weren't going to visit our grandaughter this weekend as planned. But Mama called and said the fever was gone, and they'd both had a good nap, so we will be on our way tomorrow morning, just till Sunday. That is the reason for almost Saturday.

In digging around in my studio, I came across several blocks of the month I'd started, there must be about a dozen sets. This one is from Maggie Walker's Country Journal. Are you familiar with her or this pattern? She designs really wonderful things, and this is definitely one of my favorites. So, along with finishing many other things I've had my hands on, this one joined the list, and I did finish this block this week. Sorry I don't have the end product here. Look at the picture in the corner?? I have two more to do, then it will be done. There is one problem, I can't find them. Geesh, And I've cleaned that room, I know they are somewhere in there, and I probably see them everyday. Did you buy your Girl Scout cookies yet? I don't even want to eat them anymore, they just don't taste like they used to to me, but I cannot resist those little Brownies. I was a scout leader for all 3 of our girls, certainly sold our share of cookies and calendars. They don't get much of the money, but I buy them anyway, don't you? So, here is my contribution to scouting. I hope they get to go camping or do something otherwise fun. Let us know how your week has gone, and if you had fun in your studio. I really enjoy hearing from you, you inspire me.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Finish and a treat

I feel pretty successful finishing this sock. As you can see from the book, it was knitted from the toe up. Have you tried that yet?
In a previous post, I shared a traditionally knitted sock, which I enjoyed doing, but was not thrilled with how the toe turned out. So, while at Michael's one day, I noticed this book, and had to try it. Well, the toe is wonderfully smooth, and I like that.
The cast on is quite different and took some practice, but the end result is worth it to me. She gives very good instruction, and several cast on choices.
Now, my only dilemma is getting the cast off loose enough. Since that is at the cuff, it needs to stretch to get the sock on!!! The first cast off didn't stretch. Unknit! Try again, much better.

Do you like to bake? These brownies are made
of whole wheat and I'm certain you'd never know. They are rich and fudgy, the kind I love. I added espresso powder and pecans. Melt in your mouth goodness.
King Arthur flour is my go to for all things whole grain. Their whole grain recipe book is excellent.
A few years ago, some friends ushered me into milling my own grain. Excessive, you're thinking? Well,, one advantage is the baked product is never bitter as when I use bought whole wheat. I was surprised how much better the bread was when I milled it myself. I was hooked, and have been baking with mostly whole wheat ever since.
Let me know if you want the recipe.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Satisfied Saturday

How has your week gone? Do you like chocolate?? How about Belgian chocolates from Costco? That's what in this box, and I'm gonna have one right now!! Oh, you want some too? That's fine with me, I share. Just close your eyes, reach in and, Mmmm, Yum. I knew you'd enjoy some. How about you put on a pot of coffee?
Now, don't you just wish we could do just that?

I was very excited yesterday when I stopped in at Joanne's. They had Simplicity patterns for 99 cents, and I just had to have these. Of course, you know who they are for. The one on the left is a vintage pattern, like from when we were kids. We are vintage now--Sigh! The one in the middle has an adorable pinafore, love those things, hope her mama does, and the one on the right is for an apron. The wee princess loves to help mom in the kitchen. I am going to have fun creating these things with her in mind.

The real reason for stopping at Joanne's was to get fabric to make something for her that reminded me of Minnie Mouse. She loves Mickey and Minne. Now, I have a Brother Disney embroidery machine, which is broken at the moment, which is soooo cramping my style!! And frankly, I didn't think I would ever find fabric that said Minnie. You know how Disney keeps a lock on things. Well, I could hardly contain myself when my eyes landed on, not only red fabric with white polka dots, but Large polka dots at that!!!!

The plan is to make a twirly skirt and put the ribbon as a trim with bows and such!! We bought her a pair of Minnie flip flops in Dec. Now, if I can just get that machine fixed in time to embroider a t-shirt, or something!!!

So, tell me, are you satisfied with your time in your studio this week? I'd love to hear from you, even if you are feeling not so satisfied. Venting can be good you know.

We are satisfied with one more thing this week. You may recall my previous post that my DH had a tough case of bronchitis over Christmas, and we thought he got over it, He started up again a week ago. Thank God, he didn't get nearly as bad, it only lasted a couple days. So, that's a blessing. And, yesterday the garage door broke, just a-hangin' there. DH was out, so it was afternoon before I called anyone, since my sweetie fixes everything. Well, the first people wanted to charge $155. an hour since it was about 4pm, told them I'd go elsewhere. The second said oh, no one today, too late, and when I said I'd go elsewhere, someone materialized for a premium fee as well. No thank you, so the third was the charm, they came right out, fixed it and it was $300 for everything, parts and labor. We were concerned it would be many times that amount. I now have the quietest, smoothest running door we've ever had!! God is good.

Hope to hear from you.
Have a blessed week

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Satisfied Saturday

Are you feeling satisfied this fine Saturday? Did you have fun in your studio this week?

This is one of the projects I finished this week. I had posted earlier about using the pj fabric for a doll quilt. Well, I was excited to find Disney princesses in pink flannel to use for the back. She loves the princesses. I think she'll like wrapping "sammy" her baby doll in this.

I also made another of those cupcake potholders. Do you like the concept?

And drum roll please--Ta Da, the first finishe of 2011. A sampler I posted about earlier this year. I adore handwork, samplers are the best. I think they appeal to me because of the history behind them. This one in particular, I bought a few years back, and it's based on Mystic, Ct. Long before I ever dreamed our oldest would live there, and I'd get to visit there and fall in love with the place. So, now it's done, and I have to go on the frame hunt. Where do you all get your frames?

That's it for tonight. Drop me a post and let me know how your week went. Enjoy tomorrow.



Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Evening

In a previous post, I mentioned finding embroidery my mom had begun, but left unfinished. This is one of the pieces. She'd be 99 now, and of course, in her day, a young girl learned to ply her needle. I remember her stitches being perfect. I've tried, but never believed I've achieved her level of expertise. Last night, I took this out and began to work on it. I know she started on it in her later years, and instead of using 3 strands, she used 6. Therefore, there's not enough of the lightest pink. I considered for a nano second, removing these stitches so I can have enough of this color, but I simply can't take out her work. I'll find a match somewhere.
BTW, have you ever done long and short stitch? I have not, and the chart is a chore to read. Not sure if this is going to be too frustrating or not. That may be why she didn't finish it. If you have any tips for handling the chart, I'd appreciate your input.

Have you seen this stand? It's almost infinitely adjustable. Can be used on the floor or on a table. Makes it easy to work with both my hands, easing some of the stiffness I get in my right thumb. It was a Christmas gift from my DH. I'm grateful that he think my tools are as important as his are. I think it was about $29. on Amazon.

That's enough for tonight, Join me tomorrow for Satistfied Saturday!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Satisfied Saturday

When I first started blogging, I made Saturdays Satisfied Saturdays. As I got lazier and lazier, I neglected that entry. Let's start this again.
This week, I ...
managed to do lots of organizing, obvious from previous posts. Now my DH is trying to get me to put all sorts of things in the empty space I created. Don't think so!! I want to try to make more space if I can.

actually stayed on top of all the little chores which are easy to let slip, which means I was personally organized as well.

raked leaves, a chore I adore!!

used up the leftover fabric from the wee one's pjs, meaning less scraps to deal with.

hoed the garden to keep up with the weeds, which never ever die no matter what here.

finished reading Firefly Lane, a book I enjoyed, and think you will too.

What are you satisfied with this Saturday?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Day, another...

I went back into the studio today, after being out all morning grocery shopping and such. It was time to crawl under tables and get that stuff out of there! Since I'd cleaned out the boxes in the closet, there was shelf space, and some of the stuff under the table could go on said shelf. The room looks so much better without junk on the floor!!
In one bin from under the table, there was clothes which need mending. Did I mention I hate to mend and hem?? Well, a couple items were my daughter's, and I put them on her bed. Angie walked out with them, and laughed, saying how long they'd been missing. She "thought" they needed fixed, so I told her she's a big girl now, and can do the job. I don't think she even cares about them anymore.
Moral of the story....if you let that stuff stay hidden long enough, it won't ever have to be done. :))
I think tomorrow morning, we'll be heading to garage sales. If I find anything cool, I'll share it with you. It seems we find lots of guy stuff all the time, men seem to part with their tools, but rarely have I found any sewing, crafting stuff. Oh wait, I just unloaded a bunch. And I can find my way around my studio again. Guess it's a good thing I can't find someone else's leftovers!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Almost Forgot

Looking and digging around the studio today sealed the deal for me. This is pledge to myself; I am going to primarily work on UFOs this year. I don't have any delusions that I'll finish one a month, or any such thing. I am a Slow Poke, after all, and I still need to finish hand quilting that Hawaiin quilt, and there are always gifts to make. But, other than that, nothing new. You all have my permission to hold me to it.

I cleaned and cleaned and what did I find?

Oh my goodness.
What was I thinking???
When I got up this morning, it was not with the intention of sorting out my studio. But that's just what I did. After I posted this morning, I looked at the photos I'd shared, and they didn't make it look too bad. But in the closet was that much again, and more. One thing led to another, and I was dragging things out of the cupboards. Here's what I found:
Raffia, Large cording for fabric baskets--remember when that was popular? Straw, Cardboard picture frame forms for fabric frames, Felt, lots and lots of felt, Old patterns, Old craft stuff, Supplies for dollmaking, Stuff I'd made to sell in a craft show, BOM, and two things which warmed my heart; needlework which my mom had started, and I said I'd finish for her, and fur from an old coat of hers. She's been gone 11 years this month.
Alot of this has been bagged up to give away, not mom's stuff, of course, that I'm going to work on.
I now have alot more room in my closet, everything looks neater, and I Will Not Keep so much again!! That's a promise I intend to keep. I also have a few empty containers. Tomorrow, I'm going to go through a few piles I have laying around, see what else I can relieve myself of.
What's in your studio?


Here's the doll quilt top. I made her pjs for Christmas, and this is from the leftover fabric. No big deal as quilt go, just fun.

Today's endeavor

Will you look at this mess!!
What am I getting myself into?? I decided to look for a small piece of fabric to use for backing on the little baby doll quilt I made our grandaughter for her new baby doll. I see I haven't put that picture up. Thought I did! Anyway, while in the closet, I noticed these boxes. They weren't hidden, they're just on the way top shelf. So, for some unknown masochistic reason, I took them down. There they sit on my tables, and in the interest of using or pitching, I'm determined to go through them!!
Along with the boxes, I found these childhood knitting "things", left just the way the last child had them. The last child is almost 29, she's the mommy!! Now you can do the math, figure out how long it's been since I've gone through these things!!
I thought I was pretty organized!!
At the bottom of the page, you'll see the doll quilt and pillow I put together yesterday.
And, I will get back to you with what's in these things.
What do you think it will be, treasures? Scary, crumbly things?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Have you been over to Pickledish Patch lately? She has a new BOM you may enjoy. I've just downloaded it. Take a run over there and check it out. Let me know if you decided to make it, we can share the journey, and final product.

Potholders revisited and new recipe

I made a second one and totally followed the directions. (Big smile). Must confess I have a bad tendency to just start working, read later. Do you do that? Certainly the construction of the potholder went much more smoothly.
I used on layer of the Insul-brite, and no warm and natural. Of course, it's not as thick, so the turning under of the open space went very smoothly, so it's not noticeable. Now to see if it insulates enough.
Last night was the Sugar Bowl. I'm a dyed in the wool Buckeye fan, and that was a hard fought game. Love when it's like that. At first, I wasn't sure Arkansas meant to show up, but they came to the second half, playing like they were serious. Made for a great game.
We had some people over, and my Dh made wings--he makes fab-o wings, I made Ina Garten's recipe for macarone and cheese. I'd show you a picture, but they ate it alllllll up. It was that good. I highly recommend it, if you can't find it on the web, which I think you should, let me know and I'll post it here. Is that illegal, btw??? We ate some buckeyes too, do you know what they are? Peanut butter and chocolate, need I say more??
What are you working on today?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Honoring a commitment

I said I'd talk more about the process, and here's an attempt to do just that.

I made one of the potholders today. The pattern said to use one layer of Insul-brite, and one of warm and natural. I'm pretty sure that will keep your hands from burning, but geesh, that potholder was hard to hand sew shut---you know, the hole where you turn it right side out? I think when I make another one, I'll use less padding. Here's a picture of it. Hopefully next time, I'll get the mistakes corrected, and a neater result.

A new start

This Christmas quilt is one of my favorite. I love th combo of red and green. Made this a few years back from a fat quarter pack, I think was Judy Rothermel's. At least I'm sure I bought the pack at a quilt show, from the booth/store in Ohio that is associated with her.

Hi Everyone,

For the umpteenth time, I'm going to be a more faithful blogger, including pictures!!!

We had a wonderful weekend at our daughter's. One of my nephews was there as well, along with our second daughter and boyfriend. I liked it that our kids didn't feel like they'd had the holidays till we could get together. I'm sure all you moms feel the same way, and it's uplifting when you see your kids get it too.

Of course, we are always refreshed when we get to spend time with our grandaughter. Seeing the new life grow, and explore just makes me smile like nothing else. She'll be two in Feb. and had her mom's personality. Mom was a people person, easy-going, never really a problem, even through her teen years. Her two older sisters had done it all by then!

Today, I cut out these potholders. I think they're pretty cute, and will make good Valentine's gifts for our girls. They're at the top of the page. I still can't set the pics where I want them. Another thing to master.
Have a great week,