Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Potholders revisited and new recipe

I made a second one and totally followed the directions. (Big smile). Must confess I have a bad tendency to just start working, read later. Do you do that? Certainly the construction of the potholder went much more smoothly.
I used on layer of the Insul-brite, and no warm and natural. Of course, it's not as thick, so the turning under of the open space went very smoothly, so it's not noticeable. Now to see if it insulates enough.
Last night was the Sugar Bowl. I'm a dyed in the wool Buckeye fan, and that was a hard fought game. Love when it's like that. At first, I wasn't sure Arkansas meant to show up, but they came to the second half, playing like they were serious. Made for a great game.
We had some people over, and my Dh made wings--he makes fab-o wings, I made Ina Garten's recipe for macarone and cheese. I'd show you a picture, but they ate it alllllll up. It was that good. I highly recommend it, if you can't find it on the web, which I think you should, let me know and I'll post it here. Is that illegal, btw??? We ate some buckeyes too, do you know what they are? Peanut butter and chocolate, need I say more??
What are you working on today?


free indeed said...

I've bought the insul bright but haven't made any potholders with it yet..will like to hear your results. Does it matter which side the silver side is facing??? I don't even know that!
I'd like to see your recipes esp the wings your dh makes. You can post the mac and cheese recipe as long as you give credit to the originator I'd think. I haven't had Buckeyes in a very long time...sigh...

Ann Marie said...

I really need to make me some more potholders, the dogs keep eating all mine!!!

Linda said...

Hi Girls
Thanks for commenting.
I've used the insul-brite before, but for a gift, so I have no idea if it works! I used the potholders the other night to lift a pot of boiling water, but that's not much of a test. I will let you all know what I grab something out of the oven!
As far as the silver side, it's probably on the insert which comes with it, but you know, there I go not reading again!!
Dogs will eat anything, won't they?
We had one who'd eat the paper towels used to drain bacon. Then he'd either puke them up, or out the other end. The first time I saw that coming out, I couldn't believe my eyes!!