Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Nancy's Fault

Just kidding, Nancy. It's wonderful to have you back to blogland.
But reading her latest post, and remembering that I began blogging with the same intention, to be consistent, faithful with posting, including pictures, :) made me realize how lazy-- I hate that word, but it fits--shame shame-- I have been.
So, with a big mea culpa, I'm making an attempt to get it done.
Only one catch, today we are going to see the wee princess, so there won't be anything for a couple days, again. Forgiven?
To share some information, hopefully worth reading: This Thanksgiving I decided to make different side dishes than my fam has enjoyed for dozens of years. Out with the green beans, canned cranberry sauce, dressing and sweet potatoes. This year, along with old faithful baked corn and mashed potatoes, I made spinach gratin, cranberry conserve and a dressing, all by Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. Everything I've ever made from her recipes has been easy and superb. These were no different. Incredible!! The fam actually loved them and preferred them to the regulars. Success!!!
How was your Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stopping in to wish all of you a blessed, happy Thanksgiving. We only had one of our girls home for dinner with her beau. I'm glad at least they were here, though we missed our other two girls and the grandbaby. It seems we'll see them this weekend.
Be safe everyone, and enjoy your full bellies!

Friday, November 5, 2010

This is the second time I've tried posting this. The first, it disappeared, and I truly didn't have the patience to start again.
But....I've missed communicating with you all. And I need to be a better blogger. I have been in my sewing studio, when we've been here.
Not long after the last post, we went to Mystic, Ct. to visit our daughter. I have some pics I'll post, but I do want to say, I fell in love with that place. It was our first trip to New England. We had rain all the way up, starting at the Ga./SC. border, and we'll never drive through NYC again!! But, I've always felt drawn to NE, and now I'm sure I belong in a place like that. I miss the woods, and quaintness of a small town. People there actually don't lock their doors. I don't imagine my DH would accept the winters, but I'm willing to try. All that said, the precious princess grandaughter is here, so now I need to convince everyone to move there!!
BTW, my DH wanted to experience driving in NYC. Told him he needed his head examined. It was a harrowing experience, and we live in S. Fla. where the traffic is pretty aggressive!
My favorite quilt store of over 30 years, the one I taught at for 5, has closed. That is an extreme bummer!! It was 5 miles from the house, now I have to drive 35 to get a good one.
Finally finished knitting a pair of socks, still hand-quilting that Hawaiin quilt. The DD for whom this is being made, the Ct. child, is home this week. I had hoped tohave it finished for her to take with her, but not happening. Also painting a Christmas plaque.
Busy, slow-poke, at it all day, will finish before I die!!!
How have you all been?