Monday, May 9, 2011

Woo Hoo

She is Done!!!

There were times I thought I'd never see the day I would lay this project to rest. Do you have that experience?

She took, count them...3 years to do!


Because I can get obsessive about doing handwork!! It was a labor of love for our daughter who spent a year in Hawaii. I always tell her I'm glad she's back in the states.

Then she reminds me Hawaii is a state.

Well, not when it's half a world away from me, and it costs more to get there than to Europe!! Not that I've been to Europe, but that's besides the point, and another topic!

It's a Mom-thing!!

It is all appliqued by hand, and each block is echo quilted by hand. I truly struggled with not continuing the echo quilting in the traditional style for Hawaiin quilts, but after all the applique and hand quilting through batiks, my right hand screamed at me some nights. It killed me, but I had to be practical, and finish the quilting by machine.

To that end, I chose a flower design in each of the four corners of each block, and machine quilted a free form vine and leaf design in the border.

Since she lives in Ct. it will be a while till she gets it. No way is this baby going through the mail!


Guess what I'm doing now???

Cleaning the studio!!

While working on this project, it's gotten kinda messy in there...

OOO, weeee, it's a mess to wade through.

I know I posted in the last 12 months that I cleaned my sewing studio, but alas, it needs done....


Count this as another finish for 2011. I think that makes 3.

I will now have time to work on Mariann Wenn, and check up on you all more often.

Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day.