Thursday, December 30, 2010

Almost New Years

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year. I probably won't be on here tomorrow, so you all have a fun, safe time celebrating.
I've heard lots of people say this week, that they're happy to see 2010 go. If that's you, I pray 2011 is much better for you.
I have a happy story to share with you, about a young mom for whom 2010 has been good.
We live in South Florida, and 5 years ago, we were pounded by Wilma. About 10 days before, she lost their baby girl, their second child, fetal demise. When Wilma hit, their condo was damaged so badly, they had to move in with their parents, our neighbors. While living there, which lasted 3+ years--took that long to get the condo fixed, they got pregnant again, and miscarried. Eventually, they moved out in March 2009, and that August, her dad died suddenly. Are you wondering when this gets good?? Well, this week, they gave birth to a precious little girl. Mom and baby are healthy. They are blessed. It has brought tears to my eyes to see her with her little girl. She's been through so much. It's a great way to end 2010.
My DH is much better, thank God. and it looks like we're going to get to see our grandaughter this weekend. Can't wait to watch her open our gifts for her. We sorely missed having this family time for Christmas, really looking forward to the visit.
Today, I finished making her pjs, and continued knitting socks for our oldest's birthday. I'm trying a pattern from the toe up. Have you ever tried that?
What are you doing New Years Eve?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Are you Listed?

As you can see, I'm now part of a group Quilters Get Listed. Check it out, give it a try. I love finding new ways to connect.
We actually have our heat on. Not unusual you say? Well, in my mind, it's like Alaska needing AC. It will probably be off tomorrow though.
My sweetie is even better today, thank God. It's really hard to watch him have trouble breathing. Neither one of us sleeps, either.
I've mentioned I have two broken sewing machines. One happened abou 6 month ago. It was sitting on my folding table with an acrylic extension table around the bed of it. Well, I moved the table, slowly and carefully, and the darn leg still went under, so it slipped off the table. I know, I should have known better. It isn't damaged from the fall, but from the acrylic table slamming against the needle bar, and bending it back. Geesh! God only know what this will cost to fix. I put it off because my DH's transmission needed work to the tune of $700.
The second machine quit the other day. I had been having trouble with where the cord plugs into the machine. It would shut off if the cord was moved/wriggled. Anyway, now it won't turn on at all. This one is a Bernina, and they can be a fortune to fix.
I'm grateful I have another to work on. Maybe I'll sell one of these after they are fixed. I'm feeling like I have too much anwyay.
Let me know if you get listed,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Are you all safe?

My goodness,
How are you all doing today? We are cold enough to put the heat on, but many of you are having a bad time of it, I see.
Our oldest, living in Mystic, visiting in Ocean City, NJ is stranded down there. This is her fist "real" winter ever. Can't help but wonder how enamored she'll be with the North after this. Nothing like a blizzard. Guess it's a northerers hurricane. Those, we know about.
My DH is better today, thank God, though there's still some ground to cover. My sister told me about onion tea for congestion, and it seems to have helped alot. This is what you do...
Boil one whole onion in at least 2 cups of water, along with grated fresh ginger, till the onion is super mushy. I also added lemon zest, then threw in the lemon half, which I had juiced. He add the lemon juice and honey to taste when he drank it. It really loosens up the nasty thingies in the chest.
I now have 2 broken sewing machines. Bummer! Told John, this is why I have more than one!! I was trying to finish up a pair of pjs for the wee peanut, and the Bernina 200 quit. Nice attitude she has, I see. What is she thinking???
How are you all faring today?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Day Late

Hi Blogging Friends.
I hope you have had the most amazing Christmas and Hannukah.
Our celebration was a bit different this year. We were supposed to go to our daughter's during the day, have a wonderful, cooked by my hubby, prime rib dinner, spend the night, play with the baby!! That last part being the best.
Instead, we were home. My DH has been getting over Bronchitis, and since he was an asthmatic as a child, it takes forever. It's more than a little scary for me, he deals with it better than I do. We use alternative methods, which do work, it just takes time. Even with phamaceuticals, it takes time. We've certainly asked God for his help, and he never fails. Today, he's better, but not done. I for one, cannot wait for it to be over.
Along with that, our daughter called yesterday, and she was running a fever. So, even if John had been well, we'd have been home. We are grateful our second daughter and her boyfriend were here. She lives at home, and helped keep the mood light. They helped cook dinner, he's a trained chef, actually. It was all yummy, and we know we are blessed.
At the end of the day, John looked at me and said this has been a boring Christmas. Certainly not our usual celebration. For sure, not as rowdy!! I'm just grateful we are all here and well.
We wish you the blessings of Christmas,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wonderful Day

I don't know how this many years can go by, and it still seems like yesterday, but today, we are married 40 years. Where have the days gone? I don't even feel old enough to recall 40 years ago! We know how blessed we are and are grateful to God for this gift.
Our girls gave us the gift of 2 nights at the Wilderness Lodge in Walt Disney World. It's rustic, and beautiful, we've always wanted to stay there. Most years we camp at their campground this time of year, and we had reservations for this week. Boy, are we glad this has been changed, since it's uncharacteristically cold for this time of year in Fla. We are expecting low 30's to upper 20's with 30+ mph winds, Not exactly tent-camping weather.
So, on Tuesday we had to Orlando for some R & R, romantic time. For you younger gals, you can still be romantic and in love, even at this stage of the game. It's all really much better after all this time,
I know some of you are getting horrid weather, how are you faring? You all will be in my prayers,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Wonderful Suprise

Hi Bloggers,
Since I wrote you last, we've received a wonderful gift. Next Sunday, the 12th is our 40th anniversary. Now, I have to say I have no idea how this many years have gone by, how I've made it this far--not because he's not wonderful, I'm a bit flaky!! and seriously, I am not old enough!!! Be real!!
And for this monumental event, our girl have given us 2 wonderful nights at the Wilderness Lodge in WDW. We are very excited, we love that venue. Even if we don't go into the parks, that place is magical. Their resorts are pretty pricey, so we usually stay in the campground or a moderate resort. This will be a real treat. Cannot wait.
I've started the baking marathon I've engaged in for these 40 years. Though, since all the kids don't live here, I no longer have teacher to give them to, etc. I don't bake as many varieties as I used to, I still overdo it. So far, I've made Schnecken, Kiffles, Linzer tarts, Biscotti. I always forget how many the Kiffle recipe makes, thought that project would never end. Someone remind me next year, please??
What are you baking for the holidays?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good Evening

We are back from visiting the princess. She is 21 months now, and just delightful. She didn't now we were there, and I came around the corner, she looked at me for a second, then her eyes lit up, and said "Nonna" and came running with her arms out. I am putty in that child's hands.
On the way home today, we stopped at my favorite local quilt store, My Quilt Shoppe in Royal Palm Beach Florida. They have a website, if you'd like to visit it. I bought a little cheater piece--a printed panel, which I can use for a table topper. Love the design, and i will get a picture up when I can. But I wanted to share about the tea cozies I found there. Have you seen the one by Bent Tree? Google Bent Tree tea cozies, and you will see the most unique, really fun, tea cozies I've ever seen. After you check it out, I'd love to know what you think of them?
I am tired after a morning playing in the park, then the drive home. So.....
you all have a great evening, and I'll get back to you ASAP. I have to get some holiday stuff started and plant some flowers and veggies.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Nancy's Fault

Just kidding, Nancy. It's wonderful to have you back to blogland.
But reading her latest post, and remembering that I began blogging with the same intention, to be consistent, faithful with posting, including pictures, :) made me realize how lazy-- I hate that word, but it fits--shame shame-- I have been.
So, with a big mea culpa, I'm making an attempt to get it done.
Only one catch, today we are going to see the wee princess, so there won't be anything for a couple days, again. Forgiven?
To share some information, hopefully worth reading: This Thanksgiving I decided to make different side dishes than my fam has enjoyed for dozens of years. Out with the green beans, canned cranberry sauce, dressing and sweet potatoes. This year, along with old faithful baked corn and mashed potatoes, I made spinach gratin, cranberry conserve and a dressing, all by Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. Everything I've ever made from her recipes has been easy and superb. These were no different. Incredible!! The fam actually loved them and preferred them to the regulars. Success!!!
How was your Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stopping in to wish all of you a blessed, happy Thanksgiving. We only had one of our girls home for dinner with her beau. I'm glad at least they were here, though we missed our other two girls and the grandbaby. It seems we'll see them this weekend.
Be safe everyone, and enjoy your full bellies!

Friday, November 5, 2010

This is the second time I've tried posting this. The first, it disappeared, and I truly didn't have the patience to start again.
But....I've missed communicating with you all. And I need to be a better blogger. I have been in my sewing studio, when we've been here.
Not long after the last post, we went to Mystic, Ct. to visit our daughter. I have some pics I'll post, but I do want to say, I fell in love with that place. It was our first trip to New England. We had rain all the way up, starting at the Ga./SC. border, and we'll never drive through NYC again!! But, I've always felt drawn to NE, and now I'm sure I belong in a place like that. I miss the woods, and quaintness of a small town. People there actually don't lock their doors. I don't imagine my DH would accept the winters, but I'm willing to try. All that said, the precious princess grandaughter is here, so now I need to convince everyone to move there!!
BTW, my DH wanted to experience driving in NYC. Told him he needed his head examined. It was a harrowing experience, and we live in S. Fla. where the traffic is pretty aggressive!
My favorite quilt store of over 30 years, the one I taught at for 5, has closed. That is an extreme bummer!! It was 5 miles from the house, now I have to drive 35 to get a good one.
Finally finished knitting a pair of socks, still hand-quilting that Hawaiin quilt. The DD for whom this is being made, the Ct. child, is home this week. I had hoped tohave it finished for her to take with her, but not happening. Also painting a Christmas plaque.
Busy, slow-poke, at it all day, will finish before I die!!!
How have you all been?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Alive

Hi Blogging friends.

Guess I've let time get away from me. Not only have I not posted pics from the stomp--which was fun, btw, I haven't even posted. Missed you all, think of you, just not getting to this dashboard! Guess I'm not just a Slow Poke Quilter, but a Slow Poke Blogger as well.
And, we are going to Grandparent's Day at story hour tomorrow, 2 hours away, and this weekend, plan to leave for Ct.--finally!!!! To see our oldest, and Fall, my absolute favorite--it's been 41 years, and cool off. Lord knows, it's ain't coolin' off in Fla.
If I can get to it, I'll share some pics before we leave, if not, I'll add the Ct. trip to the mix.
In the meantime, everyone have wonderful studio time, safety, and fun.
To leave you with a smile, my DH sings " In my Studio" everytime I walk in there. If you watched AGT this summer, you'll know what I mean.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess What?

We are going to the August stomp at Lakeridge Winery in Clermont Fla. Did you even know Fla had wineries?? Really looking forward to this for some time. I hear they have ancient oak trees to keep us cool. Geesh, I hope so. Our daughter and her family-translate, the grandbaby- will be joining us.
So, I won't be posting for Satisfied Saturday. Let me know what had made you happy this week, and I'll be back with you soo. God's will and the criks don't rise....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time to get a move on Tuesday


Today I got up late. Something I rarely do unless sick, which thank God, I am not. The hubs has left for a morning of handyman work, and I am blessedly alone. I love him being retired from his long-time job, but still crave alone time. So, I cherish it when it comes.

I vow today to get in the studio and work on something! Still haven't chosed the ornaments to make this year, and there's plenty to finish up. Need more coffee!!! And a maid, but that's another topic.
The picture at the top is a quilt a long-time friend and I challenged each other with. She did hers in wild colors, and I chose the traditional route, obviously. the appliqued pieces are hand-sewn, and like everything, still need to get it quilted.
Ok, I'm off to accomplish something.
What are you planning to do today?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Satisfied Saturday

It's one hot Saturday, in a place that defines hot! We did some shopping today and could not wait to get home so we could stop getting in and out of the car!! I am ready for a cold front, and it's a long way off!
We got to visit with our grandaughter this week, so this Saturday, I am feeling very satisfied. At 17 months, she's interacting, and doing things to get a reaction out of me. She seems to know I adore her. Spent some time at the beach, she was fearless with the waves. Her mom wished she had more fear. I reminded mom that this is why pastors use the analogy of a child's trust to explain how we are to trust our Heavenly Father.
Also went to the zoo, they go every week, and she knows most of the animal's names, and where to stand to see them. With a child this age, you get to rediscover everything. Like going to Disney World, all your cares melt away. We are grateful for her in our life.
You know, I don't think I got into the studio at all this week. Though I did decided to organize my thoughts to encourage creativity. I lost my edge a few years ago, and want it back. I'll let you know how it goes.
Has this happened to you? How did you get past it?
Are you satisfied this Saturday?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Slow Poke Quilters

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.
I've joined Slow Poke Quilters. It suits me well. When I first started, I thought I had to get it done! We all have met quilters who churn these things out, completely finished, at a whirlwind pace. I thought that's what a good quilter did, and tried to work like that. One day, a gal I worked with at the quilt store, and who make the most beautiful quilts, clothes, bags and home dec, was sewing away, but peacefully slowly. I asked her about that, and she said she sews for pleasure, not to rush. Duh!! Of course, what had I been thinking? Now I work at my own pace, make less mistakes, and love what I do. Check it out, join us as we share the process.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Satisfied Saturday

not sure, this may become a new theme on this blog.
It's been a good week, despite the $750 truck repair, the sewing machine I broke and the AC threatening to go in my car. All in all, we are blessed.
I've made progress on the socks for hubs. Turned the heel, made the gusset and just finishing the foot part. Had to slow down a bit on these, as my hand was cramping. I am hooked on knitting socks, must make more. Downside, I live in South Florida, and we don't do socks!!!
Wondering how I broke a machine? I was pushing, very gently I may add, and a table it was on collapsed. It's an embroidery machine, and it need a Dr. After the truck, she will have to wait.
Have about 22 blocks finished on my latest effort to use up fabric. I fould a Kim Diehl pattern, but wanted a different size block. Out comes my Block Party book, and using those dimensions, I'm moving right along. I think I'll make about 35, then see how it lays out. The blocks I'm making are a Framed 9 patch and Goose Tracks. Yeah, that pic at the top is a sampling.
Cynthia has tried to tutor me how to place the pics where i want them, haven't mastered it yet.
Remember the embroidery piece I shared a few months back? Just doing a bit of detail work, so finish pics should be up in a week or so.
There are projects and goodness knows, Christmas gifts rolling through my mind that I must get cracking on. I think I will paint ornaments this year, we'll see if I can find a surface i want to use.
On a personal note, my sister is going through tests for what one Dr says is a malignancy on a PT scan--size of nail on little finger, and another Dr says could be infection. I think it's in her lung. So far, so good. Still waiting on the brain MRI. We are praying for her, if you'd like to join us, we'd appreciate it.
What make you feel satisfied this day?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's a Beautiful Morning

Are you singing with me? And why not? Oh wait, you're too young to recognize the song??

Sharing a piece I made a while back. Do you recall when Robyn Pandolph's first Christmas lines came out? I have always loved her fabric, and have bought more than one edition. Our local shops don't carry it anymore, or I'd probably have the latest. I tend to fall in love when I enter a shop, and buy. So, as you've guessed, this was made from that fabric, and it happens to be one of my favs, as these are my most favoritest colors. I also love stars. Now, if only I could wriggle my nose and it would be quilted!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hump Day

Hi Friends
Just stopping in to say Hi. I'm missing a few of you, Nancy and Cynthia in particular. Haven't seen a post from you gals in a while.
Almost have the second sock finished for my sweetie. Not much exciting going on, just working away.
Bummer is sweetie's work truck, which is old, needs repaired for about $750. Yuk! Not sure it's worth that much, but it's still cheaper than a payment, so we fix it.
Good news is I don't think we're as miserable with heat as you all are. And thank God, the latest storms have fizzled.
I'll get some more project pics up this week. You all be safe.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Picnic Quilt

I made this one a couple years ago using a design card from Dakota Collectibles. The Mary Englebreit fabric is fun and I think goes well with the theme.
I call it a picnic quilt for obvious reasons, but it's never seen one. It hangs in our family room in summer.

A challenge met

Knitting socks is something I've always wanted to do. First, Mom tried to teach me to knit as a kid, but I couldn't sit still enough to not drip stitches. I took well to crocheting, easier to fix mistakes. A few years ago, I tried knitting scarves and loved it, but socks seemed daunting--4 needles, are you kidding???

Well, I've taken the plunge, and bought a circular needle, knitted this pink pair with those. It's called the magic loop method. They are far from perfect, but they are done and fit!!

So, I had to try the double pointed needles. And I'm in the middle of these for the hubs. He'll wear them around the house when it's chilly, He actually asked for them. The book is what I'm using to learn. Bought it at JoAnnes.
I can see the picture is a little dark. Fall colors, starting early.
I have a quilt to share too, but since I never get the pictures where I want them, I'll post a second entry

Friday, July 9, 2010

Good Day and a new quilt


Everyday is a pretty good day, thank God, but today had some fun aspects I'd like to share.
We go to the beach once a week in the summer, and today was the day. The water was perfect, clear as a bell, right temp, smooth and glass. We were able to get in "water aerobics" by walking about 1/4 mile in the water, not as hot that way either.
We have a surf camp for kids and they are great fun to watch, the energy and enthusiasm make me want to join them.
There was also a little girl about 4 with her Dad-not part of the camp- and he had her on a surf board. That little tyke paddled out a bit, jumped right up and rode it in on the ripply waves. Fearless, she had a blast. What fun, made my heart smile.
This is the Coffee Break quilt I mentioned in a pre
vious post. Easy kit, probably use it for a table topper.
Hey, the socks are turning out OK. I've turned the heel, made the gussett, and i think they will be wearable!! Yippee. When I'm done, I'll post a picture.
Question: Do any of you belong to craft/sewing groups that aren't guilds? Wondering how you keep them going.
Tomorrow, I think we'll go garage sale-ing. I'll let you know if I find anything interesting,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keeping a promise!!

I have been busted. Busy as Can Be reminded me to post pics, and she's right, Thanks. So, here's a few of what's up lately.

First, today I am making black beans and rice, Cuban-style. My SIL, and father of the one and only grandbaby, is half Cuban and makes excellent black beans. There is no recipe that I know of, just his grandma's technique. I've been told it's all about the red wine vinegar and bay leaf. Then you simmer it kind of hard till it's thick and creamy. Here's a picture of it cooking on the stove.

Ok, someone want to tell me why the picture is at the top of the post instead of at the end of my deligtful prose?? I wanted it right here---X.

On to quilting, and hopefully this picture will land with it's description.

If you look back a few posts, you'll see some simple blocks I was making with Repro fabrics. This is the end result. Now to get it quilted.
I see that didn't work either. Suggestions, please?? The picture I mean.
I am also still working on the embroidery piece, almost done, and have started to knit a pair of socks. I've always wanted to do this, and Joanne's had sock yarn for $2. If I mess it up, won't be out much money. I am using the Magic Loop method. It took several tries for me to get the hang of one long circular needle, but now that I've grasped that concept, it's really very easy.
Yesterday, I dragged out a few books to plan a quilt using scraps, I'll let you know what I decide.
Hope everyone is having a relaxing, safe summer....

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a Monday

Wish I was a better blogger, but I just get running around, and you know how it is, don't you??? Tell me I'm not the only one.
Lately I've been working on a kit I bought a few years back, Coffee Time by Diane Knott. Are you familiar with it? This is part of my use-it-up plan. It's gone together quickly, and for once, there was enough fabric in the kit to cover mistakes. I cut alot of one fabric incorrectly, and there was still enough to use as directed.
I also made a twirly skirt for our GD. It's made with 2 FQ's or 2 1/4 yd cuts. Easy, fast and adorable. It's already gone to her so no pics, but I'll try to post one of the next one I make.
And....alas, I'm in trouble. We had a get together with our daughter's in laws, and she and her hubby think I monopolized the baby. Geesh..............I can never win! This child knows me best, doesn't like men much, so she runs to and reaches out to me alot, especially when strangers are around and she doesn't see her parents. What am I supposed to say,,No, baby, you used up your allotment of Nonna time?? What are we GP's supposed to do?
If Monday starts out like this, I know it's only going to get better! I'll let God fight this one for me,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Treasure at Lowes

We had an unusual experience at Lowe's today. I was in the garden spot looking for something to plant that will make it through our summers--ain't much, and the garden lady asked me if i was planting a butterfly garden. I wasn't but do have milkweed already. If you aren't aware, monarch butterfly caterpillars devour them, make their cocoons and of course bemoe the beautiful large monarch. Back to the story... the milkweed they had were covered with caterpillars, and the milkweeds were decimated. The lady was concerned the caterpillars would die from running out of food, and the manager refused to buy more milkweed till these were sold. Despite their condition, they weren't marked down. What is this guy thinking? So, we got a box, and picked off about 50 or so caterpillars, and brought them home to eat my milkweed!
Our green good deed for the day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun Weekend

It was my birthday this week, and we had a fun time with our daughter and her new beau. I think that's who he is. You know how it goes.
We started celebrating Saturday with several of our friends. That day wasn't about me at all, but their son's birthday and graduation. Since several of our friends have June birthdays, we celebrate anyway!
Then on Sunday, my family made cavatelli, my forever favorite dinner. Dessert was Costco cupcakes. We like them very much as a birthday cake substitute. Oh, so yummy, and easier to store the leftovers. You also get chocolate and vanilla for those with preferences. Me, I munch on both!
Next weekend, I think we're going to get to visit with our grandbaby.
How was your weekend?

Monday, May 31, 2010

It's time for a summertime look, and red cherries make me think of summers in Ohio. At the old homestead, there was a cherry tree over the garage, and we kids, I have dozens of first cousins, would climb onto the garage roof, and pick cherries for Mom and the aunts to make pies. Yum, Yum.
One of the uncles across the street had several Queen Ann cherry trees, and he'd call all the nieces and nephews to pick them, these would get brandied. Yum, too.
Now in Fla, it's impossible to get cherries, other than black bing, which I LOVE. But they don't make the pies we grew up on.
Do you have a special summer food memory?
Happy Memorial Day

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obviously I cannot get this right. Here's one I left out, and to get the effect I was going for, somewhat, start at the bottom.

Oh, to be better at this

I have not fallen off the face of the earth, and my sewing studio

Though if you even remember me, it may seem that way.
How are all of you doing? I have not even had the chance to check your blogs, so...Nancy, did you ever get my info? I've sent it, just making sure.
We've often talked about our sewing studios, and I took photos of mine to share with you, so here they are. I tried taking them around the room as you turn one way to the other, but I've noticed that when I post them on here, they don't go into the order I intend. Well, here it goes......

Oh yeah, what do you think of the paint job? This room used to be our DD's, and she painted it thus, just a few weeks before she moved out. My sweety offered to repaint it, but I didn't have the heart to ask him to work that hard so soon, so.... there it is.



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where is the Time going?

I have no earthly idea how the time is flying, and it's been 2 weeks since I posted. I check to see what's happening in Blogland, but just whiz on by the posting part.
In the past two weeks, we spent 3 days visiting with our daughter and her family, that means the baby. At 14 months, her personality is shining right out there. I think this one will be opinionated, not so much strong-willed, but make her thoughts known.
When her mom scolds her, she broods for a bit, won't look at her mom, but would smile at me, kind of in-your-face like. I had all I could do not to laugh. That would have been deadly!! Mama Lion would have put me in time out! Oh, the joys of watching her grow.
Speaking of this joy, we are talking about moving 2 hours north to where they are. One thing we see alot of in South Fla is elderly who are miserable because they left the family up North to have the good life here, and especially after the spouse dies, there's no one around. The gang from the north doesn't visit much, and life ain't the same. They live in their retirement communities, and everyone aroudn them is sick or dying. I ain't having it!! Moving to be near the kids may not be the best move, but I certainly don't want what I see around me.
Have any of you made this move? Would you? Just wondering what your experience has been.
We are still having gorgeous weather, so we went to the beach this week, and a grocery store grand opening. This chain has the best of the best. In this particular set-up, they have lots of items not found even in their regular stores. Bought some yummy stuff--No Vegamit here, Cynthia!!
I also won Nancy's- of Bountiful Heirlooms- give away. Thank you again.
Finally bought the fabric for the diaper bag I'm making mom, and for some diaper cover. Finished making a couple nursing covers, all of which I will get pics of on this blog.
You can hold me to that promise.
So, what's been going on in your studio?

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Succesful Monday


I'm finally getting to those pictures I've been promising. I'll start with some garden stuff. These are a couple of the newest additions to my flower bed. I'm not much into the tropical plants most northerners die over when they move here, except orchids, which are much easier to grow than most think. I prefer to try unusual things, definitely flowers for color. Must be the quilter in me!
Possibly these flowers aren't new to you, but they aren't common here.
Obviously, the last one is of me introducing our grandaughter to flowers.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yesterday's Expedition

Hi all
Yesterday, I went to a tag sale. The items for sale were from a quilter's studio. She died, on the young side, this past Fall. There were all sorts of bags of scraps, bundles of large yardage, kits in progress and not touched, books, get the idea--o yeah, 2 machines too.
I mention all this because we've chatted about how much we have, too much, will I ever use it all? you remember. Guess the point of this post is it made it more imperative to me to get at the stuff in my studio. I think next, I shall machine quilt some tops.
What will you be doing in your studio this week.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just Checking In

Well Hello there!!
I've been reading and responding to your blogs, but haven't had an ounce of time to post myself. John's not been out of the house as much, even though the flu is over, and we keep very busy.
Our youngest was here with her family for a couple days to drop of the dog for sitting. We are the official puppy sitters. They are on their first vacation since the baby's birth. While they were here, we went to a hockey game, Panthers lost. Very bad season.
We had the privilege yesterday of working at the county's outreach center. First time we'd done that, and it was alot of fun. All the people involved on both sides were great. I didn't get to work in the kitchen since I had on flip flops, Florida's official footwear, so next time I'll enshroud the feet to I can work with food--actually it's the knives they are worried about.
We have had our first beach day of the year. My DH likes to go once a week, I just love being with nature.
How are your studios coming? I've taken pics of many things, thinking of you, I will get them posted.
Tell me what's going on in your studio.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just a Note

Hi Everyone.
I still haven't been able to post as I'd like. My dear sweet hubby has had a virus that's going around, and he's been laying low for a week now. He's very much on the mend, but my time has been taken up. Things should be back to normal next week, and I'll share some things I've been making.
Want to wish all of you a Blessed Easter celebration.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ode to Fall

Hi Blogging buddies
Can't believe time has flown.
We never made it to the quilt show, and that's OK, since I'd have spent money on stuff I do not need. I still have a couple of bags with past quilt show purchases. I'm working on being very disciplined to use that up, or get rid of it.
I wanted to share a neat picture with you. At least it is to me. Our trees don't change color here in the fall, and that's the one thing I miss terribly. But, I planted a maple tree several years ago, and each year, usually in Jan, the leaves get a tad of color, then fall off. Mostly, the leaves are green with a spot of yellow, and the new buds are already present while the old leaves are falling off.
This year, we experienced so much "winter", that my maple tree actually had several leaves with true gold and scarlet, like I recall from Ohio. The most interesting aspect is in the picture. You know the twirly things that fall off each year, the "seed pod"? Well, this is the first year I've seen them on the tree, and they stayed on for a long time and were that spectacular scarlet. I had to take a picture, and share it with you.
I have been in my studio, finished a quilt top, and will post the picture soon.
What have you all been up to, and what about the flooding, are you all OK

Friday, March 19, 2010

Good things

Just wanted to stop by and say HI, I haven't forgotten you all. Our two youngest spent the night here last night, and I'm up before everyone, I think it shall be waffles for breakfast.

Our youngest, her hubby and baby came in yesterday from 2 hours away to go to a hockey game. They get greatly reduced prices on 5th- row- behind -the -goal tickets, we joined them. The game went in to a shootout, we lost, but the baby was with us. She's 13 months old, and went to sleep with all that noise!! Only babies, right?

Our middle daughter, who lives 45 minutes away came over after school, and waited for us to come home, so we stayed up late, eating and laughing. These are the moments I live for!

Today, they won't all be here too late, and my hubby and I may get to the quilt show. Yes, he will go with me, and appreciate the work he sees. If we dont' go today, then I guess tomorrow. I will try to get pics, and report back something wonderful.
Have a blessed day,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's a beautiful morning

Hi Everyone

Been a bit since I've spent time with you. Getting ready for our daughter and her family to visit--translation, the baby!! Our home is not babyproof! We are all going to a hockey game that evening, so I'm to machine embroider a t-shirt with a hockey picture on it.

Since we had the neat experience this winter of a seagull in the water behind our house, I thought I'd share a couple of his pictures. When it gets colder than usual, the ocean birds come inland. We're less than 10 miles from the beach, but I guess there's more food here. The second one is if of him taking off. Well, as I look at the preview, it's not really the second one, but I'm sure you know which one it is.

Have a blessed day,


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


That was yesterday, this is today. Could not live with the design, so this it shall be until.......
Brought the Hawaiin quilt and frame into the family room so I can work on it more often. There's no really comfortable chair in that room, hope it's not too awkward.
What are you all up to today?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Springtime changes

I thought I'd try for a Springy look, what do you think? I'm not sure I like the post area larger than the light-colored area, can you read it OK?
Took some time today to straighten the desk so I can do the taxes. Oh, how I hate doing them!! The person who devised this nonesense is truly sadistic!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hawaiin Quilt

Hi Blogging Buddies
Terri, this is for you. The Hawaiin quilt in the frame. One of these days, I will finish it. It's a gift for our oldest, started it 2 years ago now! Geesh, when I say that, it becomes more imminent to finish it!!
Did everyone have a fine weekend. Nancy is away, so we won't be seeing her handwork for a few days, but since she hopes to get some stitching done inflight, maybe we'll get some great pictures when she returns. We miss you! Be safe.
And Terri's son has surgery tomorrow. Have the right day, Terri?
We'll be praying for you guys, can't wait to hear a good report!
I have a good start on the day, the weeds have been pulled--did you hear the shout?? And we bought plants yesterday, so my work is cut out for me. That puts studio-time on hold, but I think I'll now consider the garden my outdoor studio. What do you think?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good Beautiful Morning

It's going to be a gorgeous one here today, this amateur weatherperson declares!! I can feel it in my bones. I may get out to the garden and show those weeds who's boss!!
How is everyone today?
We live on water, a common thing in South Florida, and there is a large variety of birds, plus squirrels and such. I usually feed them cheap bread in the morning, then enjoy watching the activity that follows. This morning, the squirrel came up to the patio while my cat and I were having coffee-I drink, he watches, and I thought the cat was going to loooooose it!! His little bottom was shaking back and forth, he was "clucking" and scraping his hind claws on the tile, all ready to get him some!! Thank God, for screen and an alert squirrel!! That little critter then runs up the tree and screeches for 15 minutes!! Guess that little cat impressed him!
I have spent some time in the studio this week. Got all the blocks made and am now getting the rows sewn. The pic will appear when it's presentable. =) I also plan to put up one of the old workhorse machine. If I win the weed war, the whole world will hear the shout of victory!
What are you all up to today?
Have a beauuuuutiful one!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Morning, and an Etsy Question

And so I ask, how is your week going? In your studios? Being creative?
Right now, it's coffee time. I love this time of day, with my first cup of coffee, it's quiet, time to read scripture, journal, then some general reading, and then the computer. I'm grateful I can take this time for self.
Like most of you, my younger years were so hectic. One younger mom asked me what I remembered most from the teen years, and my first answer was my dashboard. Not the blog kind =) but my car! Then I gave her the type of answer she was looking for, but seriously, 3 different schools, and thier activities, I put lots of miles on my jalopy. Didn't you? I miss their laughter and family times, but truly enjoy this peace!!
I had a few minutes in my studio yesterday, made 4 more of the blocks in a previous picture. Today should provide more time to sew, hope so. I may, and I say MAY get in the garden. The weeds are atrocious!! It never ends down here.
I am considering/pondering starting an Etsy shop. Have you any experience with it? Would you mind sharing how it's gone for you?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I have an Idea

Hi Everyone.
It seems we agree that our creative area should be called our studio, even if it's a closet. We women tend to not give ourselves enough credit for all our efforts. So, studio it shall be, and my idea is this....
Cynthia and Nancy have also mentioned organizing our studios, so how about if we all share the steps we've taken this week to that end. Including, what efforts we've made to see the value of our work. Let me know what you think.
To continue this thread, my very first machine, which cost my DH over $300 38 years ago, is sitting on the patio---remember I'm in Fla. It stopped working well about 15 years ago, and the parts weren't available, so I then ventured into the world of computerized/electronic machines. We've recently cleaned out the attic, and this gem came to visit again. Those old machines are workhorses, and my gosh, so many feet and attachments came with them. I am considering fixing it, what do you think? It may be expensive, and I'm not sure I want to invest in it, I really don't need it, but you know how hard it is to part with these things. BTW, it takes cams--remember those?
Share your thoughts...........

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Studio

Do you ever feel the need to reorganize, rearrange your space? Well, I've have that feeling pretty badly, so yesterday, I indulged. Like many of you I have more than one sewing machine. Sometimes, I look in there and wonder why I bought all this stuff. I did get good deals, at cost, great discounts, but still, what was I thinking? And my wonderful DH, who loves tools, and thinks I should have great ones, went along with me!! Insane.
So, I put the Bernina 1130 in it's case, it's under a table now. And put the Bernina 200 in it's place, in the cabinet that's made for it, which I happened to inherit, btw. The Brother is on the other side of the room, which I'll use mostly for clothing construction, makes great buttonholes, and embroidery. I also have the Brother quilting machine set up, soley for machine quilting. That's more than enough, don't you think?
I'll work like this for a while, see how it feels, then I may make more changes.
I did get some work done yesterday, made the last sundress for the peanut!! And I read, since it rained all day, and that's what you do if you can, when it rains!!
P.S. A few friends and I have decided to call our sewing rooms studios to convey that it's truly a serious creative area. What do you think?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Due to a request, here's a picture of the birthday munchkin.
She's a wee peanut, and the darling of our lives. Can you blame us?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Home again and a few pics

Hi Everyone,

We are back from the birthday party. We had so much fun, and she is a riot. She just screams out loud with delight, then gives a kiss. I am totally putty in her hands. I always knew I'd be this way.

Her mom loved the scrapbook, I brought it home with me to add the birthday page. Mom also loved the quilt and sundresses. I still have one more to make, with a barrette, of course. I'm using the yo-yo form that are a heart or a flower to make the barrettes. Target has little barrettes that have a "rubber" on them so they won't fall out, and I'm sewing these to the flower/ heart.

BTW, she has a new Michael's near her, and OMG does it have fabulous beading and scrapboooking departments. Just excellent, wish our nearest one was like that!

The pics are of a block I'm making to use up antique repros. I must, I must, decrease that stash!!
That doesn't rhyme, does it? Well, you get my drift =)
Missed you guys..


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Off To the Birthday Party

Well, Fellow Bloggers
I will be kissing that baby, so I'll be away from posting for a couple days. You all stay out of trouble, and do some work for me!!
See ya,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DONE and Brazilian Embroidery

Hi Everyone

Well, I finally finished the scrapbook, and I've made her 2 little sundress with barrettes to match. I am having way too much fun having a grandaughter. When our daughter was expecting her, I prayed for a girl. I know healthy is the main thing, but I wanted at least one girl to sew for. After that, God can give us all boys, I just wanted to make sure I got one to make stuff for, Know what I mean?

I mentioned the Brazilian embroidery. Here's a picture of the one piece I've done. I loved doing it and hope to make another. I had never seen it till a vendor was at last year's local show. Boy, was I taken with the look of it. Possibly I'll make a couple more and piece a small wall hanging.



Friday, February 12, 2010

Scrapbook Time

Thought I'd share a couple pages from the scrapbook I'm working on. I'm surprised how much time, and shopping--Oh No! it takes to make a page. I don't have any of the fancy equipment, just a few scissors and punches. Trying to learn how to use everything, and make a page like the ones which make me drool. For me, it's like quilting with paper. This could be so addicting!
Do any of you scrapbook? Isn't is fun??

Thursday, February 11, 2010

There's no crafting getting accomplished yet today. My sweetie is home, and we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Yummy! It's on the cold-don't laugh-side here, and they even had a fire in the fireplace. A real treat for us. Love the atmosphere.
We did a little shopping afterwards, couldn't find the riding toy we wanted for the grandbaby. But, did get to Joanne's for a few scrapbooking supplies. Good thing my darlin' is patient!
Have a super day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


What's everyone up to today?

First I want to share that I made Giada's recipe for Chicken Vesuvio. Very easy, and outrageously good. Very satisfying.

I also wanted to share the sampler I'm working on. I've tried, but failed to work on one thing. My mind just doesn't work that way, so I've given up that CRAZY notion. I have managed to discipline myself to work on just one project per type-of-craft. For me, that's progress with a capital P.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally spent a few minutes in the studion this morning. Here's the valentine table runner with the borders on. Obviously not a serious project, just fun. I used the pink in between the blocks, and don't think I'll put the red at the top and bottom. Just playing with design ideas.
May get to the library in a few. It's looking like rain out there, always does before a cold front. Northerners shouldn't laugh at that, we will take what we can get.
But.....definitely back to the scrapbook!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Did you watch the super bowl? I sort of did. Our daughter was visiting, and there was plenty of good food to eat, so I caught the game in between trips to the kitchen. What was your favorite commercial? I will always favor the Clyesdales. The rest of the commercials weren't as unforgettable as past years, IMHO. Even though I favored the Colts, it was a good game, and I loved Drew Brees with his son at the end.
Still working on the scrapbook. Finished 2 more pages today, almost done. Then I'll get back into the studio and create something new, or work on that Hawaiin quilt, on yes, that one. Only started it 2 years ago!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hi My Quilting Friends,
We are back from visiting our grandbaby. It had been 6 weeks since we'd seen her, the longest we've ever gone, seemed like an eternity! Just watching her refreshes me, one of God's gifts in my life. Grandbabies bring such joy.
Who are you rooting for today? We are cheering for the Colts. The game is here in South Florida, and boy are the roads crowded!
I have cooking and such to do since some people are coming over later. My DH will be making ribs, a man's chocolate, I think. And I'll do some chili. Promised myself that I'd make a German Chocolate cake, cause I'm jonesin' for one. We'll see how devoted I am later.
Are any of you attending Super Bowl quilting classes? I'd love to see pics of your super bowl quilts.
Have a blessed day, and I hope we all get in some real sewing time this week.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well, I think I may have found what I'm going to do with all those scrap cuts I mentioned making a post or two ago. Over on Moose on the Porch Quilts, she's advertising a BO-every two weeks :) Sampler which will use Jelly Rolls. Doesn't that sound interesting, fun and stash-busting? Go check it out! Here's the link When you get there, go to her blog.
Got out to the local quilt store today and bought a little yardage to finish the Valentine table runner I'm working on. I did choose to use the pink in between the blocks. I'll get it finished this next week. Tomorrow we go to visit with our grandbaby, so no sewing for a few.
The last two days, I finished 2 more pages for her scrapbook. Needs to be done before her birthday, 2 weeks away. Wish me luck!
Have a blessed day...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've been under the weather the last couple of days. Trying to get a virus, so rest, liquids, herbals, prayer, and I feel better tonight. Definitely haven't had the energy to go into the sewing room, but I wanted to get this picture of the Hawaiin quilt uploaded. This is it in the quilting frame, it shows the borders. As you may know, Hawaiin quilts traditionally depict their flowers. And they're usually red and white. Our daughter loved these batiks, hence I used those instead. I love the effect. Our other two daughters each want one now too. I think that's pretty funny!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hi Everyone,
I planned to post yesterday, but the day ran away with me, and here it's Monday.
Yesterday was a fun family day. I made sauce with meatballs, I'm Italian, and that's what we do on Sundays! Our middle daughter came over, and we feasted. These type of days, I love.
I have not been in the sewing room much at all this week. Been hard at work on the scrapbook I'm making for our one and only grandaughter's first birthday in a couple weeks. I've never attempted this before, but it's all about her first year. I find it to be like quilting with paper, so many of the same design principles are applied, and the paper's are so colorful and diverse, that they are as fabric to me. I suppose most of you have done one? One thing I've learned, I certainly could get quite involved with this, it's lots of fun.
Today, I shall start with getting the laundry under control, make soup for dinner, and see what the day holds. Maybe a few in the sewing room. What are you doing today?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hi Everyone.
It seems to me that no matter where we live, or our current work/financial status, most people are talking about cutting back, or making do. Are you feeling that way? I've had those thoughts since before this "recession". I'd try to do things differently, but then would fall back into old patterns.
This past year, I decided to make a determined effort to finish what I start, before taking on another project, or buying. Have you found this to be as hard as I have?
To that end, one thing I did was go through all those scraps form 20+ years, and cut them into usable squares and strips. Too small, in the can it went. At first, I was feeling so wasteful. But, the stuff wasn't getting used the way it was, so this should make it better, more efficient. Besides, I love scrap quilts.
Now they are all sorted into plastic bins, ready for me to get to work. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The weather today is perfect. Warm sun, cool air, dry. Chamber of commerce of weather, and the reason so many have moved here. Northerners call it Indian Summer. It feels so good.

Here's the picture of the wall hanging I've made for our little one's first birthday. She is the joy of our life--I've said that before haven't I? Sorry to be redundant, but grandbabies make me all gushy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Tuesday morning

I have some pictures as I promised. These are the fabrics I'm using to make the Valentine table runner. I love the heart splash one, and he one that looks like heart balloons. Which one is your favorite?
And the top picture is one of the blocks I've made with them. There are four blocks, and I have yet to decide if I want to sash between them or not. If I do, I'm thinking of using the pink. I've always used a fabric with more contrast for sashing, but this seems to call for something different. What do you think?
The block is from Marsha McCloskey's book, Block Party. For me, using a book like that instead of a pattern, opens up the creative possibilities.
Now, I need to get that scrapbook finished for the precious grandaughter's first birthday. It's my first attempt, and I'm having a blast.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Well, it's Monday. Thought I'd get to the laundry and cleaning, but my darling is home today, and mentioned cutting the grass. I don't see the sense in cleaning when he's tracking in grass and such. So, I ended up working out there with him.
The cold snap we had two weeks ago, 30's is quite low for Fla, damaged alot of what we have been growing. One flower bed is on the North side of the house, and the 30 mph winds made everything really unhappy. Needless to say, the weeds thrived, as usual. Five large, black plastic bags later, most of it looks much better now. I still have a couple flower beds to do, later, gator.
I finished the 4 blocks I'm making for the Valentine table runner. I used fat quarters, and I think the fabric is a Clothworks line. I'll get pictures of both on here tomorrow, as well as the picture of the wall hanging I made for that precious grandaughter of ours. Do you have grandchildren? There are no words, don't you agree?
Drop me a line, I'd love to get to know you,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I needed to add a quilt picture. This is the Hawaiin quilt I made for our daughter while she was in Hawaii for a year. We were checking out the layout, and have since sewn the top together, added borders and it's now in a quilt frame. After all that hand applique, I just didn't want to machine quilt it. It's slow going, since my right hand can get tired, but it will get done.
She chose all batik fabrics, rather than the traditional red and white. I love the effect, but some of them weren't easy to make a nice applique stitch through. Who doesn't love a challenge?
Have a blessed day
Good morning,
I've been studying the Psalms of Ascent with Beth Moore. Are you familiar with her work? I learn so much from her, not only because she pulls out new and interesting gems from the scriptures, but because she writes to a woman's heart. She's truly gifted, try her some time.
Yesterday I began work on a Valentine table runner. I've alway wanted to make more seasonal items, now's the time to start.
This week I finished the wall hanging for our first, and only, grandchild. It's from a book, Color Me Baby. It's been out for a while, not sure if it's still in print. But you color the image with crayon, heat set it, then outline stitch around the motif. Fast, easy, fun and pretty cute. It will be a wall hanging for her room.
I like to do handwork at night, so this week, I began a sampler based on Mystic, Ct. I bought this almost 3 years ago, with no idea our oldest would be living there today. Who'd a thunk it?? Guess it will have to be a gift for her.
It's time to get the day started. Hope all's well in your part of the world. Drop me a line, love to hear from you. Soon, I hope to get pics on this thing!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This is my first effort to blog. I obviously have lots of work to do. The subject matter will be all manner of handcrafting, though I'm primarily a quilter. I will also share my spiritual journey. We all have one, no matter how we view God, or don't.
See you later,