Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Day Late

Hi Blogging Friends.
I hope you have had the most amazing Christmas and Hannukah.
Our celebration was a bit different this year. We were supposed to go to our daughter's during the day, have a wonderful, cooked by my hubby, prime rib dinner, spend the night, play with the baby!! That last part being the best.
Instead, we were home. My DH has been getting over Bronchitis, and since he was an asthmatic as a child, it takes forever. It's more than a little scary for me, he deals with it better than I do. We use alternative methods, which do work, it just takes time. Even with phamaceuticals, it takes time. We've certainly asked God for his help, and he never fails. Today, he's better, but not done. I for one, cannot wait for it to be over.
Along with that, our daughter called yesterday, and she was running a fever. So, even if John had been well, we'd have been home. We are grateful our second daughter and her boyfriend were here. She lives at home, and helped keep the mood light. They helped cook dinner, he's a trained chef, actually. It was all yummy, and we know we are blessed.
At the end of the day, John looked at me and said this has been a boring Christmas. Certainly not our usual celebration. For sure, not as rowdy!! I'm just grateful we are all here and well.
We wish you the blessings of Christmas,


Sue said...

So sorry to hear of your husband's bronchitis. That's no fun. I've had it a couple of times and it does take forever to get over. I've heard many people say this to be true for themselves too.
I'm glad you were able to have a good time with the family that could come.

May God bless you abundantly in this new year!!

Linda said...

Hey Sue
Thank you. He's doing better today, actually as of yesterday, thank God.
Have you ever tried onion tea for congestion? It was recommended to us, he's tried it, and he's a new devotee. Seems to have made a significant difference.
Here's to a better week!!
Blessings for you and your famil.