Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Wonderful Suprise

Hi Bloggers,
Since I wrote you last, we've received a wonderful gift. Next Sunday, the 12th is our 40th anniversary. Now, I have to say I have no idea how this many years have gone by, how I've made it this far--not because he's not wonderful, I'm a bit flaky!! and seriously, I am not old enough!!! Be real!!
And for this monumental event, our girl have given us 2 wonderful nights at the Wilderness Lodge in WDW. We are very excited, we love that venue. Even if we don't go into the parks, that place is magical. Their resorts are pretty pricey, so we usually stay in the campground or a moderate resort. This will be a real treat. Cannot wait.
I've started the baking marathon I've engaged in for these 40 years. Though, since all the kids don't live here, I no longer have teacher to give them to, etc. I don't bake as many varieties as I used to, I still overdo it. So far, I've made Schnecken, Kiffles, Linzer tarts, Biscotti. I always forget how many the Kiffle recipe makes, thought that project would never end. Someone remind me next year, please??
What are you baking for the holidays?


Ann Marie said...

I haven't even begun to think about baking, still trying to get the tree up in between quilting sessions.

Linda said...

Hi Ann Marie
We haven't even bought the tree yet. We usually have it by now, but our usual place to buy trees, doesn't have an 5ft, I understand they're hard to get this year? No idea why. Anyway, plan B. I think I'll do some shopping today and sewing. We have a 22 mo grandaughter to sew for!!