Thursday, December 30, 2010

Almost New Years

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year. I probably won't be on here tomorrow, so you all have a fun, safe time celebrating.
I've heard lots of people say this week, that they're happy to see 2010 go. If that's you, I pray 2011 is much better for you.
I have a happy story to share with you, about a young mom for whom 2010 has been good.
We live in South Florida, and 5 years ago, we were pounded by Wilma. About 10 days before, she lost their baby girl, their second child, fetal demise. When Wilma hit, their condo was damaged so badly, they had to move in with their parents, our neighbors. While living there, which lasted 3+ years--took that long to get the condo fixed, they got pregnant again, and miscarried. Eventually, they moved out in March 2009, and that August, her dad died suddenly. Are you wondering when this gets good?? Well, this week, they gave birth to a precious little girl. Mom and baby are healthy. They are blessed. It has brought tears to my eyes to see her with her little girl. She's been through so much. It's a great way to end 2010.
My DH is much better, thank God. and it looks like we're going to get to see our grandaughter this weekend. Can't wait to watch her open our gifts for her. We sorely missed having this family time for Christmas, really looking forward to the visit.
Today, I finished making her pjs, and continued knitting socks for our oldest's birthday. I'm trying a pattern from the toe up. Have you ever tried that?
What are you doing New Years Eve?


Sue said...

My heart breaks for the young woman who has suffered so much in such a short time. I am so thankful that her new baby is healthy and I wish much joy for this family.

The past year was a rough one for me so I am looking forward to a new year.

Wishing you all of God's joy and peace in the new year of 2011.

Linda said...

Hi Sue
I'm sorry to hear this past year hasn't been a good one. I'll keep you in my prayers, that this year will be much better.