Monday, December 27, 2010

Are you all safe?

My goodness,
How are you all doing today? We are cold enough to put the heat on, but many of you are having a bad time of it, I see.
Our oldest, living in Mystic, visiting in Ocean City, NJ is stranded down there. This is her fist "real" winter ever. Can't help but wonder how enamored she'll be with the North after this. Nothing like a blizzard. Guess it's a northerers hurricane. Those, we know about.
My DH is better today, thank God, though there's still some ground to cover. My sister told me about onion tea for congestion, and it seems to have helped alot. This is what you do...
Boil one whole onion in at least 2 cups of water, along with grated fresh ginger, till the onion is super mushy. I also added lemon zest, then threw in the lemon half, which I had juiced. He add the lemon juice and honey to taste when he drank it. It really loosens up the nasty thingies in the chest.
I now have 2 broken sewing machines. Bummer! Told John, this is why I have more than one!! I was trying to finish up a pair of pjs for the wee peanut, and the Bernina 200 quit. Nice attitude she has, I see. What is she thinking???
How are you all faring today?

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