Friday, July 9, 2010

Good Day and a new quilt


Everyday is a pretty good day, thank God, but today had some fun aspects I'd like to share.
We go to the beach once a week in the summer, and today was the day. The water was perfect, clear as a bell, right temp, smooth and glass. We were able to get in "water aerobics" by walking about 1/4 mile in the water, not as hot that way either.
We have a surf camp for kids and they are great fun to watch, the energy and enthusiasm make me want to join them.
There was also a little girl about 4 with her Dad-not part of the camp- and he had her on a surf board. That little tyke paddled out a bit, jumped right up and rode it in on the ripply waves. Fearless, she had a blast. What fun, made my heart smile.
This is the Coffee Break quilt I mentioned in a pre
vious post. Easy kit, probably use it for a table topper.
Hey, the socks are turning out OK. I've turned the heel, made the gussett, and i think they will be wearable!! Yippee. When I'm done, I'll post a picture.
Question: Do any of you belong to craft/sewing groups that aren't guilds? Wondering how you keep them going.
Tomorrow, I think we'll go garage sale-ing. I'll let you know if I find anything interesting,


Cynthia L. said...

I like the quilt! It sounds like you have a wonderful time at the beach every year. Funny how little children can do just about everything they try - no fear.

A friend of mine is wanting to start a sewing/crafting club with just a few of us. We would rotate from house to house and the host would serve lunch. I am interested, but as it has not started, I can't tell you how to keep it up. Good luck with it!

Linda said...

Hey Cynthia, It's my DH who wants to go to the beach weekly. I prefer mountains, but since that's a 12 hour drive, I go to the beach!! We both think one day, we'll be able to do both.
There aren't that many SAH people here, which makes it hard to start a daytime thing. It may be like that most places now, but a friend lived in NC recently, and said more gals were home there, in the Raleigh area. Sometimes I really crave "fellowship" to coin a churchy word, but I also don't feel like putting the energy into it, and am quite happy here without. My DH is here alot, so not quite so alone anymore,