Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A challenge met

Knitting socks is something I've always wanted to do. First, Mom tried to teach me to knit as a kid, but I couldn't sit still enough to not drip stitches. I took well to crocheting, easier to fix mistakes. A few years ago, I tried knitting scarves and loved it, but socks seemed daunting--4 needles, are you kidding???

Well, I've taken the plunge, and bought a circular needle, knitted this pink pair with those. It's called the magic loop method. They are far from perfect, but they are done and fit!!

So, I had to try the double pointed needles. And I'm in the middle of these for the hubs. He'll wear them around the house when it's chilly, He actually asked for them. The book is what I'm using to learn. Bought it at JoAnnes.
I can see the picture is a little dark. Fall colors, starting early.
I have a quilt to share too, but since I never get the pictures where I want them, I'll post a second entry


Chris said...

I did the same thing. Always wanted to knit socks, but never could until I learned the magic loop method. Isn't it great??

Linda said...

Hi Chris
Thanks for commenting. The only drawback I've seen with the ML method is slipping the row onto the needle, the way it gets hung up. Does that happen for you, and keeping it from "laddering" when you join. I pulled pretty tightly, and still got more than I wanted.
When I went to a knitting store to get some supplies, I watched a gal try the DPNS, and once I saw it done, realized I could manage it. So, as you can see, I'm trying that, and no laddering, or struggle to move the stitches.
I'm glad I've learned both so I won't have to convert from the method in which the pattern in written. That's more work than I want it to be.
Next I want to learn to knit some of the scandinavian-type patterns. Have you ever done that?
Oh, and i bought some bamboo yard recently, so smooth!

Joanne said...

Great socks! Good for you for giving it a try and succeeding!!
I knit socks on one long circular needle (two at a time, with two balls of wool), and it is great. I used to knit them on 5 needles though.