Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Pat said...

Its amazing how the trees display their slendor with the triggers of the weather. So happy you were able to enjoy your tree's color even more this year.

Cynthia L. said...

We live in WV and get a wonderful show of fall colors. I love watching trees change color, no matter what time of the year! I have a Dogwood that is getting ready to bud! I love them and enjoy seeing the change! Hey, I should post the changes - you have inspired me.

Linda said...

Thank you Pat, and Cynthia
South Fla does get indian summer type weather, usually most of our winter is like that. But leaf color, practically none. I miss Fall most of all, it's one of my favorite memories from NE Ohio.
Please do post pics, it may be all I see of Fall color for a long time to come!
Our weather is chamber of commerce gorgeous right now, great for the spring breakers, and to get us outside, clean up our yards. I think i'll plant something this weekend.