Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ode to Fall

Hi Blogging buddies
Can't believe time has flown.
We never made it to the quilt show, and that's OK, since I'd have spent money on stuff I do not need. I still have a couple of bags with past quilt show purchases. I'm working on being very disciplined to use that up, or get rid of it.
I wanted to share a neat picture with you. At least it is to me. Our trees don't change color here in the fall, and that's the one thing I miss terribly. But, I planted a maple tree several years ago, and each year, usually in Jan, the leaves get a tad of color, then fall off. Mostly, the leaves are green with a spot of yellow, and the new buds are already present while the old leaves are falling off.
This year, we experienced so much "winter", that my maple tree actually had several leaves with true gold and scarlet, like I recall from Ohio. The most interesting aspect is in the picture. You know the twirly things that fall off each year, the "seed pod"? Well, this is the first year I've seen them on the tree, and they stayed on for a long time and were that spectacular scarlet. I had to take a picture, and share it with you.
I have been in my studio, finished a quilt top, and will post the picture soon.
What have you all been up to, and what about the flooding, are you all OK

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