Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Morning, and an Etsy Question

And so I ask, how is your week going? In your studios? Being creative?
Right now, it's coffee time. I love this time of day, with my first cup of coffee, it's quiet, time to read scripture, journal, then some general reading, and then the computer. I'm grateful I can take this time for self.
Like most of you, my younger years were so hectic. One younger mom asked me what I remembered most from the teen years, and my first answer was my dashboard. Not the blog kind =) but my car! Then I gave her the type of answer she was looking for, but seriously, 3 different schools, and thier activities, I put lots of miles on my jalopy. Didn't you? I miss their laughter and family times, but truly enjoy this peace!!
I had a few minutes in my studio yesterday, made 4 more of the blocks in a previous picture. Today should provide more time to sew, hope so. I may, and I say MAY get in the garden. The weeds are atrocious!! It never ends down here.
I am considering/pondering starting an Etsy shop. Have you any experience with it? Would you mind sharing how it's gone for you?


LiahonaGirl said...

For me it's the last hour of the day when I totally relax like you do at the beginning of the day. I begin work at 6 a.m. and like to get every last moment in bed before turning on the light! And I LOVE my Sunday evenings for the same reason. It's the last few hours before beginning a new work week and I want to relish them and make sure they are hours of true rest.

Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with setting up an Etsy shop, although I've contemplated it myself. Good luck with it.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I enjoy the end of the day, like Nancy. I get up too early and have to be at work very early to be able to take a minute although, on the weekends, the mornings are my favorite time. I love to be the only one up for an hour or so. And, thanks to you, I told Rob I am now calling my room formerly known as the craft room, my studio. It just sounds so much more important and special.
Can't help you with etsy- no experience selling.
I do have a question for you though- is your Hawaiin quilt done? I just love it and it so reminds me of the time I lived in Hawaii and the last two trips Rob and the boys and I took there (his sisters live there). It is so pretty - I love the colors and the blocks are just so special. I would so love to have one like it - I never will - but I sure do love it!
Have a great rest of the week.

Linda said...

Hi Terri
I'm glad we are having the studion discussion then. I know I've said studio in the last couple days, and sweetheart hasn't noticed. I'll let you all know when he does.
The Hawaiin quilt is in the frame for hnd quilting. I have a picture of it in a previous post. If you can't access it, and would like to, let me know and I'll get you a pic of it. So, officially it's not finished, but it is off the floor!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Please, please post a pic of your quilt when it's all done! I am so coveting it and just love it. I guess I'm missing it, somehow - I don't see it in your post. I'll go back and look again. I haven't had much studio time lately with all that's going on with Tyler but he's doing better and after his surgery, we'll all be able to relax a little bit, I hope.

Jennifer MacNabb said...

Hi Linda, I LOVE your Hawiian quilt. I want to do one eventually, when I have more practice doing applique. I love the colors that you've used, those are my kind of colors. As far as Etsy, I started a store there in January this year. I have 2 things up right now as a test to see how it went. Unfortunately I have not sold anything, however I haven't done much to promote it either. Since there are thousands of people and items the chance of people just happening upon your store is slim, unless you promote it. I've tried promoting on my Facebook pages, people look but arent buying. I'm not sure if it's because of the price I asked for, which I've reduced twice now, or just with the economy people aren't buying, which I don't blame them because I'm one of the millions of people unemployed, which is why I really would like to sell some of my things. I have seen other stores that they do quite well, but they've been around for a couple years and people know their products. Here's my site if you want to take a look at it.