Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Studio

Do you ever feel the need to reorganize, rearrange your space? Well, I've have that feeling pretty badly, so yesterday, I indulged. Like many of you I have more than one sewing machine. Sometimes, I look in there and wonder why I bought all this stuff. I did get good deals, at cost, great discounts, but still, what was I thinking? And my wonderful DH, who loves tools, and thinks I should have great ones, went along with me!! Insane.
So, I put the Bernina 1130 in it's case, it's under a table now. And put the Bernina 200 in it's place, in the cabinet that's made for it, which I happened to inherit, btw. The Brother is on the other side of the room, which I'll use mostly for clothing construction, makes great buttonholes, and embroidery. I also have the Brother quilting machine set up, soley for machine quilting. That's more than enough, don't you think?
I'll work like this for a while, see how it feels, then I may make more changes.
I did get some work done yesterday, made the last sundress for the peanut!! And I read, since it rained all day, and that's what you do if you can, when it rains!!
P.S. A few friends and I have decided to call our sewing rooms studios to convey that it's truly a serious creative area. What do you think?


LiahonaGirl said...

I can so totally relate to this post!

While I love my stash and supplies and machines, if I put it neatly away I forget to use it all. Yet, while it's out and cluttering my sewing room (as so much of it is right now), it can get in the way of creativity and productivity.

I look at the pictures of my sewing room that I took a few years ago(posted on my blog here I hardly recognize the room because it was so tidy and organized. I did some tidying of my sewing room over the weekend, and hopefully your post will inspire me to do more.

Linda said...

Yes, Nancy, I hear you! If I clean it all up, it's impossible to work in there, if it's a mess, I can't work in there!! The best I seem to be able to do is have a place for everything, and make an attempt to put tools in their places. Keep the fabric mess to a minimum, and after a project is complete, get the stuff out of sight, or use it in the next one.
One of my dearest friends has 10 times what I do, and a huge room for it all, and you know what, stuff is everywhere. What do they say, a messy desk is a creative mind, or something like that! LOL
I still want order, so will continue to simplify. Let me know how your efforts are going,
I looked at your pics when I first went to your blog, it certainly looked good

Deb said...

I like the idea of calling them studios. From now on, my room is my studio. And it's nice to hear of someone else that has more than one sewing machine. I've had weird looks when I say I have more than one.

Linda said...

Hey Deb,
Definitely, non-sewers do not get it. People have looked in there and said it looks like a sweatshop!
I rememeber when I first saw the friend I mentioned had more than one, I couldn't figure out why. I surely get it now!
Celebrate your studio!

Cynthia L. said...

I think the idea of calling our work spaces studios sounds great. My "studio" is always the dump room also. If no one is sure where to put something, it ends up in my studio. (I am going to keep typing and saying studio until ir rolls smoothly off my tongue.) I have promised myself that I will get it organized! It is my project for next week. By the way - thanks for visiting my blog and for the good wishes.