Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hi Everyone.
It seems to me that no matter where we live, or our current work/financial status, most people are talking about cutting back, or making do. Are you feeling that way? I've had those thoughts since before this "recession". I'd try to do things differently, but then would fall back into old patterns.
This past year, I decided to make a determined effort to finish what I start, before taking on another project, or buying. Have you found this to be as hard as I have?
To that end, one thing I did was go through all those scraps form 20+ years, and cut them into usable squares and strips. Too small, in the can it went. At first, I was feeling so wasteful. But, the stuff wasn't getting used the way it was, so this should make it better, more efficient. Besides, I love scrap quilts.
Now they are all sorted into plastic bins, ready for me to get to work. Wish me luck!!

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