Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's a Beautiful Morning

Are you singing with me? And why not? Oh wait, you're too young to recognize the song??

Sharing a piece I made a while back. Do you recall when Robyn Pandolph's first Christmas lines came out? I have always loved her fabric, and have bought more than one edition. Our local shops don't carry it anymore, or I'd probably have the latest. I tend to fall in love when I enter a shop, and buy. So, as you've guessed, this was made from that fabric, and it happens to be one of my favs, as these are my most favoritest colors. I also love stars. Now, if only I could wriggle my nose and it would be quilted!!


Nancy said...

Love the colors and design of this quilt. Also love the Hawaiian quilt on your wall. Do you have a post about that one? It is beautiful.

Linda said...

Hi Nancy
I do have a post about it, and another picture of it in the quilting frame. I think it would be in Jan or Feb. Let mw know if you have trouble locating it.

Linda said...

Hi again. I just checked and I'm glad I did, there's also a post in March about it.