Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time to get a move on Tuesday


Today I got up late. Something I rarely do unless sick, which thank God, I am not. The hubs has left for a morning of handyman work, and I am blessedly alone. I love him being retired from his long-time job, but still crave alone time. So, I cherish it when it comes.

I vow today to get in the studio and work on something! Still haven't chosed the ornaments to make this year, and there's plenty to finish up. Need more coffee!!! And a maid, but that's another topic.
The picture at the top is a quilt a long-time friend and I challenged each other with. She did hers in wild colors, and I chose the traditional route, obviously. the appliqued pieces are hand-sewn, and like everything, still need to get it quilted.
Ok, I'm off to accomplish something.
What are you planning to do today?


Sue said...

Well that quilt is just gorgeous! I love those colors. I guess I'm a traditional gal too.
Today I am PLANNING on stitching some. I say planning because with all the busy-ness of summer things on the 'hurry up and do list because summers are short', it may or may not happen! LOL

Here's to hoping:)

Linda said...

Hi Sue
thanks, it was fun to do the quilt. I haven't decided about borders yet. It was all from my stash, so I'll have to buy a border if I add one. I think it needs something.
Funny how different from here, our summers are no where near short. We feel the same about cooler weather.