Saturday, August 7, 2010

Satisfied Saturday

not sure, this may become a new theme on this blog.
It's been a good week, despite the $750 truck repair, the sewing machine I broke and the AC threatening to go in my car. All in all, we are blessed.
I've made progress on the socks for hubs. Turned the heel, made the gusset and just finishing the foot part. Had to slow down a bit on these, as my hand was cramping. I am hooked on knitting socks, must make more. Downside, I live in South Florida, and we don't do socks!!!
Wondering how I broke a machine? I was pushing, very gently I may add, and a table it was on collapsed. It's an embroidery machine, and it need a Dr. After the truck, she will have to wait.
Have about 22 blocks finished on my latest effort to use up fabric. I fould a Kim Diehl pattern, but wanted a different size block. Out comes my Block Party book, and using those dimensions, I'm moving right along. I think I'll make about 35, then see how it lays out. The blocks I'm making are a Framed 9 patch and Goose Tracks. Yeah, that pic at the top is a sampling.
Cynthia has tried to tutor me how to place the pics where i want them, haven't mastered it yet.
Remember the embroidery piece I shared a few months back? Just doing a bit of detail work, so finish pics should be up in a week or so.
There are projects and goodness knows, Christmas gifts rolling through my mind that I must get cracking on. I think I will paint ornaments this year, we'll see if I can find a surface i want to use.
On a personal note, my sister is going through tests for what one Dr says is a malignancy on a PT scan--size of nail on little finger, and another Dr says could be infection. I think it's in her lung. So far, so good. Still waiting on the brain MRI. We are praying for her, if you'd like to join us, we'd appreciate it.
What make you feel satisfied this day?

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