Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun Weekend

It was my birthday this week, and we had a fun time with our daughter and her new beau. I think that's who he is. You know how it goes.
We started celebrating Saturday with several of our friends. That day wasn't about me at all, but their son's birthday and graduation. Since several of our friends have June birthdays, we celebrate anyway!
Then on Sunday, my family made cavatelli, my forever favorite dinner. Dessert was Costco cupcakes. We like them very much as a birthday cake substitute. Oh, so yummy, and easier to store the leftovers. You also get chocolate and vanilla for those with preferences. Me, I munch on both!
Next weekend, I think we're going to get to visit with our grandbaby.
How was your weekend?


Cynthia L. said...

Happy belated Birthday. Sounds like it was wonderful. I don't know what cavatelli is, but the cupcakes sound good.

Linda said...

Hi Cynthia
Thank you. How are you feeling since the surgery?
Cavatelli are traditionally made from potatoes and flour, boiled, then topped with sauce. For those who'd like lighter fare, the others are sinkers! they are usually made with ricotta cheese and flour. Similar to what th restaurants call gnocchi. Hands down, my lifetime favorite macaroni. the cupcakes are outrageous!!