Friday, June 18, 2010

Treasure at Lowes

We had an unusual experience at Lowe's today. I was in the garden spot looking for something to plant that will make it through our summers--ain't much, and the garden lady asked me if i was planting a butterfly garden. I wasn't but do have milkweed already. If you aren't aware, monarch butterfly caterpillars devour them, make their cocoons and of course bemoe the beautiful large monarch. Back to the story... the milkweed they had were covered with caterpillars, and the milkweeds were decimated. The lady was concerned the caterpillars would die from running out of food, and the manager refused to buy more milkweed till these were sold. Despite their condition, they weren't marked down. What is this guy thinking? So, we got a box, and picked off about 50 or so caterpillars, and brought them home to eat my milkweed!
Our green good deed for the day!


Cynthia L. said...

Yeah, I am so glad you rescued them!! My daughter and I had a milkweed in Miami. Poor little thing, everytime it would get about a foot tall, it would get eaten!

Linda said...

Hey Cynthia
The milkweed doesn't get very tall for sure, we just cut it way back after they decimate it, then it gets all pretty again, and free food for the caterpillars.
The rest of the story is, the next morning I went to check on them, and a very large frog was sitting right next to my milkweed, he looked quite satiated!!