Friday, November 5, 2010

This is the second time I've tried posting this. The first, it disappeared, and I truly didn't have the patience to start again.
But....I've missed communicating with you all. And I need to be a better blogger. I have been in my sewing studio, when we've been here.
Not long after the last post, we went to Mystic, Ct. to visit our daughter. I have some pics I'll post, but I do want to say, I fell in love with that place. It was our first trip to New England. We had rain all the way up, starting at the Ga./SC. border, and we'll never drive through NYC again!! But, I've always felt drawn to NE, and now I'm sure I belong in a place like that. I miss the woods, and quaintness of a small town. People there actually don't lock their doors. I don't imagine my DH would accept the winters, but I'm willing to try. All that said, the precious princess grandaughter is here, so now I need to convince everyone to move there!!
BTW, my DH wanted to experience driving in NYC. Told him he needed his head examined. It was a harrowing experience, and we live in S. Fla. where the traffic is pretty aggressive!
My favorite quilt store of over 30 years, the one I taught at for 5, has closed. That is an extreme bummer!! It was 5 miles from the house, now I have to drive 35 to get a good one.
Finally finished knitting a pair of socks, still hand-quilting that Hawaiin quilt. The DD for whom this is being made, the Ct. child, is home this week. I had hoped tohave it finished for her to take with her, but not happening. Also painting a Christmas plaque.
Busy, slow-poke, at it all day, will finish before I die!!!
How have you all been?

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