Thursday, January 6, 2011

Almost Forgot

Looking and digging around the studio today sealed the deal for me. This is pledge to myself; I am going to primarily work on UFOs this year. I don't have any delusions that I'll finish one a month, or any such thing. I am a Slow Poke, after all, and I still need to finish hand quilting that Hawaiin quilt, and there are always gifts to make. But, other than that, nothing new. You all have my permission to hold me to it.


Sue said...

I have several things to finish up as well, but I can't make that same prommise to myself :D I'm always up for something new!

B-Z-Quilting said...

Linda, I am right there with you in my quilting goals for 2011. I have made a list of all my UFOs and I am going to try to get through these this year. I am not going to pressure myself because quilting is FUN!!!!!! But---my UFO list will never get any shorter if I do not just stick to the plan and complete them one at a time.

Linda said...

It will not be easy. I love being bitten by new projects or ideas. I may cave in for something small!
B-Z, I have not made a list, I should though, good idea. You are so right, it will never get done, as the song goes, wishing, and hoping and thinking and praying.....Unfortunately, I also have knitting and needlework UFOS,