Saturday, January 22, 2011

Satisfied Saturday

How has your week gone? Do you like chocolate?? How about Belgian chocolates from Costco? That's what in this box, and I'm gonna have one right now!! Oh, you want some too? That's fine with me, I share. Just close your eyes, reach in and, Mmmm, Yum. I knew you'd enjoy some. How about you put on a pot of coffee?
Now, don't you just wish we could do just that?

I was very excited yesterday when I stopped in at Joanne's. They had Simplicity patterns for 99 cents, and I just had to have these. Of course, you know who they are for. The one on the left is a vintage pattern, like from when we were kids. We are vintage now--Sigh! The one in the middle has an adorable pinafore, love those things, hope her mama does, and the one on the right is for an apron. The wee princess loves to help mom in the kitchen. I am going to have fun creating these things with her in mind.

The real reason for stopping at Joanne's was to get fabric to make something for her that reminded me of Minnie Mouse. She loves Mickey and Minne. Now, I have a Brother Disney embroidery machine, which is broken at the moment, which is soooo cramping my style!! And frankly, I didn't think I would ever find fabric that said Minnie. You know how Disney keeps a lock on things. Well, I could hardly contain myself when my eyes landed on, not only red fabric with white polka dots, but Large polka dots at that!!!!

The plan is to make a twirly skirt and put the ribbon as a trim with bows and such!! We bought her a pair of Minnie flip flops in Dec. Now, if I can just get that machine fixed in time to embroider a t-shirt, or something!!!

So, tell me, are you satisfied with your time in your studio this week? I'd love to hear from you, even if you are feeling not so satisfied. Venting can be good you know.

We are satisfied with one more thing this week. You may recall my previous post that my DH had a tough case of bronchitis over Christmas, and we thought he got over it, He started up again a week ago. Thank God, he didn't get nearly as bad, it only lasted a couple days. So, that's a blessing. And, yesterday the garage door broke, just a-hangin' there. DH was out, so it was afternoon before I called anyone, since my sweetie fixes everything. Well, the first people wanted to charge $155. an hour since it was about 4pm, told them I'd go elsewhere. The second said oh, no one today, too late, and when I said I'd go elsewhere, someone materialized for a premium fee as well. No thank you, so the third was the charm, they came right out, fixed it and it was $300 for everything, parts and labor. We were concerned it would be many times that amount. I now have the quietest, smoothest running door we've ever had!! God is good.

Hope to hear from you.
Have a blessed week


LiahonaGirl said...

Hi Linda. I haven't been keeping up n my favorite blogs, but am trying to do better. I'm happy to see you are still being creative and blogging! I am a chocoholic, but am perfectly satisfied with plain old Hershey's milk chocolate. Keep up the good work. Nancy in UT

Linda said...

Like you, I haven't been as faithful a blogger as I'd thought I would. Trying to do better.
I'm so glad you stopped by, and commented. How are you doing?