Thursday, January 6, 2011

I cleaned and cleaned and what did I find?

Oh my goodness.
What was I thinking???
When I got up this morning, it was not with the intention of sorting out my studio. But that's just what I did. After I posted this morning, I looked at the photos I'd shared, and they didn't make it look too bad. But in the closet was that much again, and more. One thing led to another, and I was dragging things out of the cupboards. Here's what I found:
Raffia, Large cording for fabric baskets--remember when that was popular? Straw, Cardboard picture frame forms for fabric frames, Felt, lots and lots of felt, Old patterns, Old craft stuff, Supplies for dollmaking, Stuff I'd made to sell in a craft show, BOM, and two things which warmed my heart; needlework which my mom had started, and I said I'd finish for her, and fur from an old coat of hers. She's been gone 11 years this month.
Alot of this has been bagged up to give away, not mom's stuff, of course, that I'm going to work on.
I now have alot more room in my closet, everything looks neater, and I Will Not Keep so much again!! That's a promise I intend to keep. I also have a few empty containers. Tomorrow, I'm going to go through a few piles I have laying around, see what else I can relieve myself of.
What's in your studio?


Sue said...

I guess lots of us bloggers/quilters are doing a cleaning out...organizing...simplifying thing. I've done the same thing today and it wasn't my intention do so either! But I bagged up a couple of nice bags of goodies and I won't look back or feel bad about it. I figure if I haven't touched the stuff in five years, I won't ever.

Have fun!

Ann Marie said...

I have been doing that since October! Still got a lot to go through, wish I had a few entire days, I could have it all done, but only an hour here and there just doesn't cut it. I found a Sesame sand art kit that I bought for the girls when they were like 2 & 4.....they are now 19 & 21!!! They didn't even do the sand!

Linda said...

Hi Girls
I hate to say, some of this stuff, I bought over 20 years ago, almost 30. I used it a bit then, but not since for sure. I had such good intentions!!
Ann Marie, I know what you're saying about the sand art. Some stuff I'd keep for grandkids to do when they come over. They don't know what's in style, and it could be fun. That is after their mom rolls her eyes and comments about me keeping the stuff!