Saturday, January 15, 2011

Satisfied Saturday

Are you feeling satisfied this fine Saturday? Did you have fun in your studio this week?

This is one of the projects I finished this week. I had posted earlier about using the pj fabric for a doll quilt. Well, I was excited to find Disney princesses in pink flannel to use for the back. She loves the princesses. I think she'll like wrapping "sammy" her baby doll in this.

I also made another of those cupcake potholders. Do you like the concept?

And drum roll please--Ta Da, the first finishe of 2011. A sampler I posted about earlier this year. I adore handwork, samplers are the best. I think they appeal to me because of the history behind them. This one in particular, I bought a few years back, and it's based on Mystic, Ct. Long before I ever dreamed our oldest would live there, and I'd get to visit there and fall in love with the place. So, now it's done, and I have to go on the frame hunt. Where do you all get your frames?

That's it for tonight. Drop me a post and let me know how your week went. Enjoy tomorrow.




Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Both projects are darling, Linda! The doll quilt looks so soft and the cupcake potholder is really cute.

Love your stitched piece! I used to buy all my frames from a great shop in a close by small town that had a HUGE selection of frame moldings. They did some amazing things (at a great price) for me but they have since closed to my great despair. Now I go to Joann's. I always use spacers and museum glass and have been pretty successful at finding decent mouldings. They carry some decent frames (I just wish their fillet selection was better). I tried a local frame shop for the picture in my header but it was going to be very expensive. I got the same thing (sort of - the frame wasn't as great) at Hobby Lobby for about 1/4 of the price. Hobby Lobby and Michael's have also done some framing for me as well. I try to find out who the best stretcher is and then ask that person to do all my stretching, which they are happy to do. Good luck!!

Linda said...

Hi Terrie
Thanks for dropping by. We have Michaels' and Joanne's, of course, so I'll have to check them out. My DH used to make my frames, so many years ago. We didn't have either store here then.
Have you ever used a stand like that one? It's very comfortable to use.