Friday, April 1, 2011

Quilt Show

Every two years, the 5 guilds in our county have a quilt show. Some years there's alot of traditional work, others there has seemed to be more contemporary pieces. This year, there were a couple quilts that gave me goosebumps, they were so impressive. These pictures are a sampling of them. Are they not simply gorgeous?? I hope you can see them well, I took them on my phone. It wasn't till I reviewed my shots, that I realized they were all album quilts. Each one was appliqued and quilted by hand. Exquisite work.

Are you all familiar with the blog Scrappy Appleyard? It's a wonderful blog and she's a great gal. You can access her blog from mine. It's worth checking out. The reason I mention her, is Johna'Lee had a booth at the show, and geesh, I wish I'd gotten a picture of it because it was a wonderful booth, my favorite there. I also wish I'd gotten one of us together, since I feel as though I've made a new friend. She's a delighful gal.

Everything I bought, I bought from her, and this is a sampling of my booty.

These patterns are wonderful, she's designed them. This picture doesn't do them justice, but you can see the samples on her blog.

Have you ever scalloped the edges of your quilt? On purpose?? Just kidding!!

Well, she gave a demo on how to use this tool she sells, and boy, will this make is a cinch. The package has this large one and a smaller one, infinite possibilities!
Wishing you wonderful days,




Sue said...

Linda, those are gorgeous quilts! I just love that first one so much:)

Linda said...

Hi Sue
Thanks for posting.
I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to respond. I have been spending all my time finishing up the Hawaii quilt, that I have been in blogland at all.
I was totally taken by the beautiful handwork in those quilts. I see so little of that anymore, and since I love hand quilting, I know the dedication it takes to make a nice stitch. I'm always impressed when I see it.
Hope all's well,