Monday, August 13, 2012

Celebrating a New Life

He is Here
Yes, the long awaited grandson, first boy in our family in a long time, and our second grandchild has arrived!!!
He had a rough start.  Mom had to have a section since she didn't dilate past 4, and he followed up with low platelets.  
They left the hospital today after 5 days in.  The new family gets to bond and relax now.
They are in Ct. and we can't wait to hold him and smother him with kisses!!

Finished this quilt this weekend.  It's made from Moda Vintage Modern.  I fell in love with this line, and had to make something  with it.  We didn't have it on the bolt when I bought the nickel pack.  It was a challenge to make something interesting, but keep the cutting simple without wasting fabric.  

The green on the left with be the back.  I will be quilting it myself.

The Bernina 200 has been broken for over a year.  I put off the repair, knowing that anything Bernina can get pricey.  I was thrilled when the tech told me it would only need a part soldered, costing 79.95.  

You know where this story is going don't you?  
I brought her home, turned her on, Wa La  ---How do you spell that??

Turned her on a second time, 

Brought her back,.
She needed the main board.
Upside, I made several more burp cloths for our grandson, and was able to do other sewing while she purred along.  
What price we pay, huh??

Hope you all are well, 
sewing the summer heat away!

See you soon,
Till then,


Sue said...

First of all, congratulations on your new grandson! That is some exciting news.

The quilt is just beautiful and I do believe everyone loves that lovely fabric line. Your grandbaby will be all cozy in it!

Cynthia L. said...

Oh My Gosh, a new grandbaby! Congratulations to you and the happy parents. I bet you can't wait to squeeze that little boy! I love little babies, they always smell so good (well, most of the time!!)

The quilt is lovely. The fabric is so pretty. Another good job!

John'aLee said...

Oh Congrats, congrats!! That is sooo exciting.
So sorry about your machine. That surely is no fun. On the bright side...that quilt sure is purdy!

Linda said...

Hi John'aLee, Cynthia and Sue,
Thank you, gals for you kind comments. I love hearing from you.
Just to catch you up a bit, we still have not seen the wee one. He's on Ct, 2 days drive from here, and between their wanting us to wait a couple weeks, and the storms brewing out there, we haven't gone up yet!!
I'm Ok with it!!
but you've got to know I cannot wait to squeeze that little guy.