Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Morning!!

As you can see, I've joined the Pinterest craze.  It's alot of fun, and a good way to keep a "scrapbook" of what you really like.  You may find things you've passed by before, actually make you smile now.  I'm just getting started, so there isn't alot on my board, but check it out.

And, because when I began this blog, I said it would have a spiritual component, I want to share that 2011 was the year for God to teach me about child-like faith.  Have you had to learn that one?  I didn't find it easy, at all!!  And not, thank God, because something awful happened, but because I struggle with trust.  I bet alot of you do too.  Frankly, I didn't much like learning this one, and in all honesty, it's still not automatic and easy, but I'm trying.

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