Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hi Everyone!!
No more promises to be a faithful blogger. Life just is what it is. It's a new year, and I am back.
Since my last post, eons ago, we finally took that month-long trip we promised ourselves years ago. In October, we started out by going to our daughter's just two hours north for the night, then on to Atlanta, where we both have sisters. The weather was cool, with warm sun. We really enjoyed that since, you know, the weather hadn't broken here yet!! Refresing to leave the heat behind. There was a side trip to the pumpkin patch in the mountains. What fun!! Hadn't done that since I was little.
Then on to Connecticut. Our daughter now lives inland more. Last year she had been in Mystic. It was a drive to get to the coast from her place, but we enjoyed the change of scenery from Florida. The leaves didn't have much color, actually alot were on the ground due to the hurricane they'd encountered. And my DH ended up sick, so we were homebound for too much of the time, never getting to go to Vt or Boston as planned. Thank God he rallied and we had a good drive home.
After visiting our daughter who lives two hours north of us on the way down the coast, we stayed a couple days in Walt Disney World. Try the French Quarter resort at Port Orleans. Really fun with a New Orleans theme. There's a singer/musician there, Elliot, who's a one man band, in an area between the lobby and the restaurant/bar. Really fun and personable. I think you'll like it.
For those of you who think Disney is just for kids, the first time we went there without any, it was a really good time. We were free of watching out for little ones, and carrying all the extra stuff. Try it, you'll be surprised!!
BTW, after our trip, we decided we probably wouldn't go for that long again.
December found us back in Disney for our anniversary, meeting my SIL and her hubby, two or our daughters, and the cherished grandbaby. Now, Fantasyland through her eyes is tremendous!!
And, the news is, we are going to be grandparents again!! This time it's our DD in Ct. Guess i'll be making that trip a couple more times.
On the quilting front, I've been teaching at Stitchcraft in Boca. It's a wonderful store, love the owner. If you get near there, it's worth the stop. She has wonderful fabrics.
And, I'm finishing up all those applique quilts I promised about. When I went looking for all the UFO blocks, I found that I had 12 quilts started. Seriously, that's nuts!! And Nancy, who knows the Oley shop from where these came, you may recognize them all!! My little fingers are hard at work stitching and stitching!!
Have you checked out Pinterest yet? Well, I have and I'm on there. Give it a look, it's fun!!
Glad to be back in touch with all of you!


Sue said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good month of vacationing. That must be so wonderful.

Congratulations on being a grandparent again soon. How exciting!

Yes, I think we are all addicted to Pinterest these days. You should get the button on your sidebar so we can follow you more easily.

Welcome home!

Linda said...

Hi Sue
As you can see, I finally added the Pinterest button. It took a while to find it, a friend pointed it out.
The Month-long trek was good, but like I said, I don't think we'll go for that long again. Two weeks seems to short sometimes, but this was really long. It was a blessing to get to do it, though.
I love your Hop To It quilt. May have to add that to my list!
It's good to be home, and back blogging.