Friday, February 3, 2012

My DH and I have been very industrious today.  He made two of these chairs this week, with stools,   I love, love sitting in adirondack chairs.  They are so comfy, and a bit romantic.

And I made the apron for our grandaughter.
Our youngest, sent me a picture of an apron Target had out at the time, and asked me to duplicate it.  I don't think it's OK for me to show the original on here, but here's my version.  I'm including a potholder for the fun of it.  I'm still working on the embroidery for it, so no picture yet.
She has one of those play kitchens, and likes to help her mom bake.  Can't wait to see it on her.

We usually go garage saling on Saturday mornings.  Anyone else going out early to find goodies?  Hope we find something cool. 

Be safe, have fun at your Super Bowl party!!



StripperDeb said...

Hi Linda,
This is my first time visiting and I have to say I just LOVE your blog ;-) and the new Adirondack chairs are to die for! Great job on the T-apron, too, it's soooo cute - you all have been busy!

Linda said...

Hi Deb
and welcome to my blog. I love meeting new people, even if it's virtually!
Thanks for your kind comments. The apron was for our GD, I love making things for her.