Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Finish

As you can see, even though I've finished quilting the Fall quilt, other critters in the house had a different idea. It seemed this week, everytime I went in there to work on it, I had to shoo these boys. The one in the back refused to move, whined, turned around and faced the other way. They like "their" new blanket. I echo quilted around the leaves, after I stitched the veins in. Then I free motioned twirly lines and leaves all over the border. I used the same King Tut thread I have been using on the back. I really like the way it turned out. As I mentioned in the last post, the large one-color space looked like it was going to be hard to fill, but after I dove in there, it was easy, and enjoyable to do. These gloves are my new favorite tool, as of this week. Prior to today, I've always used and recommended Machingers. Are you familiar with those quilting gloves? Well, since I don't have a quilt shop I can just run to, I went to Joanne's and bought the Fons and Porter gloves. Though they look as though they are going to be heavy, bulky and warm, I've found them to be very comfortable. Also, I think I had better control handling the quilt than with the Machingers. And, I could remove and close the safety pins with them on. A real plus for me.

Give them a try, I think you'll like them.
What have you been doing this week?


Cynthia L. said...

Hi Linda! I have never tried any type of gloves. I really don't like anything on my hands. Based on your recommendation, I will have to go get a pair and try them. I am quilting a lap quilt that I made for a family friend who is turning 90. I need to have it in the mail in about a week.
Glad to see your kitties are "helping"

Ann Marie said...

Will have to check out those gloves, getting ready to start doing the quilting part of quilting.