Saturday, February 5, 2011

Satisfied Saturday

How has your week been? So many are having bad weather, I hope this hasn't got you down. You'd hate it if I told you it's been warmer this week than I like for this time of year, wouldn't you? I thought so, sorry!! Remember me next September, I'll be screaming about the heat, and you'll be getting beautiful Fall weather!!
I hemmed a pair of pants this week? So, what's the big deal about that? Well......I've had the pants sitting in the sewing room for 4 years now. They've looked at me everyday. Sometimes from the floor, where the cats thought I'd provided a comfy bed. There was even some chocolate on them from a snack foray, no doubt. They're done now, fit me and everything!!
This block to the left is from a, oh, probably 10+ year old block of the month which I purchased from a quilt shop in Oley, Pa. I think it was called Summerhouse Needleworks. It was designed by a gal there, Nan, and the collection was called Oley Houses. Each one depicts a local building. Loving applique and history, I had to have it.
It feels good to get these things done.
This week I shared with the hubby how frustrated I was feeling. He suggested I get some of my tops quilted. I don't know if this has caused said frustration, but it probably would in him!! So, I'll be getting to that as soon as I get the twirly skirt made for the wee one.
Today, hoping to be inspired, I went to the local quilt store. I've always hated this place, but since she's now the only game in town, I thought I'd try again. If you ever think I'm going there, STOP me. Nuff said.
I'm actually jonesin' to start an antique sampler, think I'll dream about that instead.


Cynthia L. said...

I have been somewhat productive this week. I need to bind a Quilt for Kids Quilt and then I can mail it off! I also hemmed a pair of pants - not for me though! This weekend was a bust because the baby was home. She is always a priority and I don't mind a no crafting weekend sometimes!

Linda said...

The studio doesn't even enter my mind when our kids are home. I cannot get enough of together-time. And it's certainly not often enough for me.
I actually feel like cleaning today, so I'm going to take advantage of this weird turn of events and get it done!! That may my big accomplishment for the week.
Gosh, I hope not!