Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'd Love Your Opinion

Good Morning.

I've been a very busy girl. It's time to get this party started. The quilting party I've said I'd have.
Yesterday, I crawled around on the floor basting this one. I made it from a kit I bought at the quilt show about 8 years ago. I love Fall colors. It went together easily, the leaves are hand appliqued.
This is the pattern, and the thread I started quilting it with. I say started, because after a short line of stitching, it had to come out, too light. I don't like the thread to be obvious, unless I'm making a design statement with it.

So, I switched to this one.

What do you think of how this is looking? I have been planning to cross hatch the center, but not sure if I'm going to like a line going the other diagonal or not. Guess I'll have to do it though. I often choose King Tut variegated threads because they change color every inch, so there isn't a long line of one color.
Another opinion I'd love hear is .... How should I quilt the border? I will be doing it in a light thread. Pretty sure I'm going to stitch in some veins on the leaves.

And here is the beginning of Marianne Wenn. I've never used waste knots before, that's the messy thingy on the top. My right thumb hurts after a while, so I can't stitch as long as I'd like. Yeah for ice and arnica.

What are you all up to? And remember, I'm waiting to hear your thoughts?


Katie M. said...

The quilt is gorgeous. Looking at the picture of the quilt pattern, with the leaves in opposite corners, I think I'd quilt sort of a loopy vine around those leaves and extend it into the 'plain' part of the border adding leaves with the loops. I think I would add veins to the leaves as part of 'their' quilting. Just my thoughts - I know whatever you'll do, it'll be perfect.

LiahonaGirl said...

Linda -- I love the variegated thread. It's the perfect choice for the colors of the quilt. Unfortunately I'm not good at making quilting suggestions since I usually have someone else do my quilting. I must say, however, that I love echo quilting on applique designs. Perhaps that's an option.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I am going to be no help on the quilt Linda since I don't quilt but the fabrics are gorgeous!
So, you started Marriane in the middle? I have always been a start in the upper left corner kind of a girl. I am loving this sampler!

Linda said...

Hi Katie
Thanks for joining my blog, and for the vote of confidence!!
Your suggestion is just what I'm thinking. The blank area of the border is quite large, I hope I can fill it sufficiently and make it look pretty.

Linda said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I am thinking of echoing the leaves before I do anything else to the blank part of the border, like vines and leaves. With so much blank area, there's lots of space to be creative, just don't want to junk it up.
If you all think of anything more, let me know!!

Linda said...

Hi Terri
I thought the stitching police would get me if I didn't start in the middle!!
This is the first time I've used waste knots, and divided it with thread. Not sure I like the waste knots, they are in the way on the top. The dividing seems OK. Actually, I've always thought it more logical to start in a corner. Sometimes working from the center out feels like I'm reading left to right. Unnatural. I've never taken a class, have you?

Edna said...

Way to go getting starting on that quilting! I do like the varigated thread you're using. I think I'd probably do the diagonal in the other direction too. Someimes, I find it can look unfinished if there isn't enough quilting. Can be hard to find that balance between too much and just enough though. I like the ideas so far for the border too.

Linda said...

I did end up quilting the other diagonal. I'm sure it would have looked unbalanced without it.
Deciding how to machine quilt a piece usually slows me down. Some of the pieces I see in shows have such beautiful long arm artwork on them. Even so, sometimes they seem too much, like they could stand up solo. I prefer my quilts to be about the fabric and piecing.

Linda said...

I'm going to do a twirly viney thing in the border, but as I said in today's post, the area seems so vast, not sure how to cover it all